Tutoring is there to support you – it enables you to have an opportunity to work one-to-one with your tutor to tackle some of the things that you may be finding difficult in school.

It is different to working in a classroom with others – because there is just you and the tutor, you can go at your own pace, ask questions about anything you don’t understand and take time to get to grips with anything you may find difficult. It is not like schoolwork!  Our tutors plan each session to make it fun and interesting and, most of all, it is just for you.

Each session is one hour long, and can cover either English, Maths or Science. You can let your tutor know what you would like to cover, you can decide together or your tutor can talk to your teachers at school. The sessions are yours so you can take the lead.

Sometimes tutoring takes place in 15 one-hour blocks. Many young people ask in PEP meetings if their allocated funding can be used to continue tutoring, often throughout the whole year.

How will I know if I am making progress?

Our tutors will carry out a baseline test at the start of tutoring – this is a quick test so that they can understand what areas you may need to work on in the sessions. We repeat this test after 12 weeks to measure the progress you have made. More importantly, many young people report that they feel more confident in class because of tutoring and happier in school. Our tutors inspire them to believe in themselves.