Your work for The Tutor Trust will be divided into 2 categories – ‘Contact Time’ and ‘Non-Contact Time’.

Contact Time

Contact Time refers to all work that involves directly working with students – i.e. an hourly rate for the tuition sessions that you take on within schools.

Non-Contact Time

Non-Contact Time refers to all work relating to planning, preparation, feedback and record keeping for tuition sessions.  This includes, but is not exclusive to, the following:

  • Lesson Plans
  • Producing resources for sessions
  • Evaluation of sessions
  • Ongoing communication and meetings with school staff and The Tutor Trust

Rate of Pay

Tutors will be paid a minimum of £12 per hour for Contact Time.  Rates of pay for Contact Time and Non-Contact Time will vary between assignments.  You will always be informed about the rate of pay for both Contact Time and Non-Contact Time before you begin an assignment.

Payment Policy

  • The Tutor Trust will not pay for your time if tuition has been cancelled by a school and you have not begun your journey to carry out the planned tuition.  Unfortunately, we cannot reclaim any cost for the proposed tuition from the school (or equivalent).
  • If you arrive at a school or have already started your journey and tuition is cancelled, The Tutor Trust will pay for your first hour and may reimburse your travel expenses.
  • If you are paid to plan your sessions and your tuition is cancelled, you will be paid at your normal non-contact rate unless your planning can be used in subsequent sessions.

You must advise The Tutor Trust office on 0161 833 3055 in Manchester, 0113 343 5288 in Leeds or 07799 519949 in Liverpool if there are any changes to hours, days or number of children within the tuition you are delivering.  Failure to notify The Tutor Trust may result in a reduction to your monthly payment.


Payment will be made monthly in arrears, on or before the 25th of the month.  It will be based on days worked in the previous calendar month.  For example, on November 25th you will be paid for all the tuition that you delivered in October.

Voluntary Hours

All tutors who work for The Tutor Trust agree to donate one hour of free tuition for every 6 hours of paid tuition.  This enables The Tutor Trust to provide tuition at an affordable rate to more schools and students in Greater Manchester and Leeds.

Voluntary Hours will be deducted from your final payment of Contact Time on a monthly basis.  This means that your contact time will be paid at a rate of 6/7ths each month.  Non-Contact Time is not affected by Voluntary Hours and will be paid in full each month.

Bank Details

Payment will be made via BACS to your nominated bank account.  You will be asked to input on Venloc (tuition booking system) your bank details shortly before your first payment is due.

If you do not provide us with your bank details before the 22nd of the month, you will not be paid until the following month.

If you change your bank details, you must update Venloc immediately.  Also please e-mail Deborah Reid at The Tutor Trust office to inform us of any change you have made.

Incorrect Amounts of Pay

If you believe that you have been incorrectly paid, please provide Schools Coordinators at The Tutor Trust office with the following information:

  • Actual Pay (how much you were paid)
  • Expected Pay (how much you think you should have been paid)
  • Schools you worked at
  • The hours you carried out at every school (and the date)
  • The rate and pay of those hours