We were delighted to launch Tutor Trust in Liverpool, in support of Mayor Joe Anderson’s ‘Liverpool Promise’ initiative.  In November 2017, we started recruiting and training our first 50 tutors from the University of Liverpool and these tutors began work in Liverpool schools from March 2018.  During our first Spring term we worked with 6 Secondary schools, providing Maths and Science tuition for Year 11 students, and delivered over 700 hours of tuition.  We are incredibly excited to continue these positive school relationships, and build many more.

Who we are

Tutor Trust is proud to be a Northern born-and-bred, multi-award-winning education charity, created in Manchester in 2011 with funding from the Education Endowment Foundation.  Since then, we have grown to serve the whole of Greater Manchester and Leeds as well, delivering over 90,000 hours of tuition at over 300 schools.  We believe our unique services and our strong ethos are a good fit with Liverpool’s ambitions for excellence and equity in education. 


Our goal - ‘transforming tuition’

We all know that a good tutor can make a big difference to a young person’s achievements and aspirations.  At Tutor Trust, we believe that every child who needs a tutor should have access to one, not just children who have parents with the money for private tutors.  Tutor Trust aims to ‘transform tuition’ and tackle educational inequality.  We mostly serve disadvantaged pupils and looked after children pupils by supplying schools with first class academic tutors in the core subjects of English, Maths and Science. 

Our tutors

Our tutors are a talented extra resource for busy teachers who want to provide an extra, high-quality intervention for targeted groups of pupils.  Our tutors are mostly university students who are carefully recruited and rigorously trained by us and who are paid for their work.  We are unique as a charity - Britain's only professional, not-for profit tuition service for state schools in challenging communities.  To hear more about the impact our tutors make, please read our latest Impact Report and see what school leaders are saying.

Successful evaluation by Education Endowment Foundation

The gold standard for evidence of impact is a randomised control trial (RCT), so we were delighted that during the 2016/17 school year the Education Endowment Foundation funded an RCT of our tuition. 

We are thrilled with the results:  Pupils in the intervention group who received our tuition made an additional 3 months of progress in Maths compared with pupils in the control group.  On average, this 3 months of additional progress was the outcome from just 12 hours of tuition, delivered on a 1:3 tutor to pupil basis. 

We are particularly chuffed that EEF found our tutors made the biggest difference to pupils on Free Schools Meals and pupils with low prior attainment.  The pupils in this evaluation were three times more likely to be on Free School Meals than the national average.  So, this is solid proof that Tutor Trust helps to close the attainment gap.

We are now discussing with EEF and other partners how Tutor Trust can grow to serve even more schools across the Northern Powerhouse.  You can read the full EEF report on our Impact page here

Our backers, partners and awards

In autumn 2016, Tutor Trust won the national prize for ‘Best New Charity in Britain’ at the Charity Times Awards and the ‘Best Partnership’ prize at the Spirit of Manchester Awards.  In June 2017, Tutor Trust Leeds won the top ‘Spirit of Community’ award from Yorkshire Bank.  Our Patrons include Lord Andrew Adonis and Nicola Brentnall MVO (Director of The Queen’s Trust).  In addition to the Education Endowment Foundation and universities, two of our key partners are Teach First and PwC – two of the top graduate recruiters in Britain.

Our plans for Liverpool and Merseyside

Building on our really positive first year in Liverpool, we are delighted to have hired our first full-time staff member in the city, Steffani Wardell.  We are now expanding our offering to schools;  starting in autumn 2018, we will also offer English tuition in secondary schools and both Maths and English tuition in primary schools.  We are also excited to be building a partnership with Shaping Futures, whose aims very much align with those of Tutor Trust, which will allow us to support even more pupils across the City Region.

Longer-term, our aim is to become a permanent presence in Liverpool and a valuable partner to school leaders, teachers, pupils, parents, carers and all those committed to helping every child achieve their potential.  And of course, we also hope to serve neighbouring communities in the Merseyside Metro area.

Please get in touch!

Everything we do at Tutor Trust is based on strong partnerships and we are always looking for new ways to collaborate with others, for the benefit of children and young people.  We look forward to working with you, and please get in touch with any questions you may have or ideas for partnership.

Abigail Shapiro and Nick Bent, Co-Founders

[email protected] or [email protected]