Tutor Trust are currently working with a large number of Looked After Children ranging from Year 5 to Year 11 across several Greater Manchester authorities.  Paul Anderson, Head teacher at Hurst Knoll St. James CE Primary School, told us:

"The caring attitude shown by two tutors working with a Looked After Child has helped him gain confidence, improve his behaviour and encourage his learning."

Referrals can be made in different ways, either directly through a school or via the Virtual School Team itself.  We have successful ongoing relationships with a number of Virtual School Teams, including Rochdale and Tameside.

We can provide tuition in the school (either during or after the school day) or in the home, whatever is best for the individual child.

We have also provided tuition at Pupil Referral Units and not-for-profit institutions for children outside mainstream education.  In some cases, we have even helped pupils reintegrate back into school.

We are always keen to ensure that our tutors are as prepared as possible for working with Looked After Children.  We provide regular training and CPD for those tutors engaged in this work; our most recent event was delivered by Frontline, one of our key sector partners

We are particularly proud of this aspect of our work, and are delighted to have assisted these vulnerable young people as they gain confidence in themselves and achieve more academically.

Please contact us if you require any further information.