Tutor Trust are accepting applications to work with us as a tutor. Vacancies are open for roles tutoring Maths, English or Science at secondary level or Maths and English at primary level. 

Applications can be completed here for work beginning in September and through the next academic year. 

We have a rolling recruitment structure, meaning applications will be open continuously and candidates will be interviewed at more regular intervals.  We will close applications when we have enough tutors for our requirements for the year. This will be the first year that Tutor Trust has conducted interviews through our online interface. We will be recruiting in Greater Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds; we will expect candidates to be able to do face-to-face tuition in the city they apply for once government restrictions allow this.

Last year, Tutor Trust recruited more new tutors than in any previous academic year. We are expecting greater demand than ever given the government’s plans for a National Tutoring Programme, which will require us to find even more fantastic individuals to tutor pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds to start work in September. 

Interview slots will be made available to applicants on a first come first serve basis, so we encourage submitting your application as soon as possible. You can fill out an application today via this link: