Our first round of CPD events for 2020 focussed on Behaviour Management. We previously ran CPDs on this in 2019 and decided to revisit this topic as we understand how daunting it can be, especially for tutors with little or no teaching experience. 

The sessions were led by Tutor Trust staff who all, as former teachers, shared their wide and varied experience with the tutors. Their expertise was appreciated, with one Liverpool tutor highlighting that “having teachers share their experience and advice” was the most useful part of the event. 

Active discussion between tutors was encouraged in the sessions as all were invited to share their best tips.

There was a notably positive tone to these discussions. One Manchester tutor cited the emphasis on “positive rather than negative reinforcement” as the most useful thing they took away from the evening and many acknowledged the importance of building rapport with, and relating to, pupils.

Each tutor that attended the session was provided with a copy of The Seven C’s of Behaviour Management by Sue Cowley to keep. This concise guide to managing behaviour provides tips on areas such as communication and creativity. In their feedback, many tutors identified the framework of the ‘7 C’s’ as the most useful thing they learnt. We hope that this resource continues to provide tutors with support beyond the session and throughout their time tutoring with us. 

If any tutor who did not attend the CPD wishes to see or borrow this book, please pop in to one of the Tutor Trust offices to see a copy.

The CPD sessions were a great success. We were delighted to see so many tutors in Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool and especially with the feedback we received - every tutor rated the events as either ‘good’ or ‘excellent’, and over 60% selected the latter. We are delighted with how the event has boosted the confidence of the tutors and will therefore enhance the quality of the tuition we provide as an organisation, helping us to transform lives through tuition.