Having officially registered as a charity in September 2011, Tutor Trust has now been working in schools across the North for over 10 years. In February, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of our first ever tuition session at our first partner school, Whalley Range 11-18 High School. After working at the school almost continuously during that decade, we’re incredibly proud of all the work that has been done over the years to help pupils reach their fullest potential, and continue to act on our mission of transforming lives through tutoring.

Founded in 1891, Whalley Range has been a beacon of diversity and uplifting young women and girls to achieve their greatest potential. The school is a cornerstone of the local Manchester community and has always maintained an ethos of empowering its pupils to “Aspire, believe, achieve.” Dedicated to providing a supportive and inspiring educational environment, the working partnership between Tutor Trust and Whalley Range is a real meeting of missions and values, and we couldn’t be prouder to be celebrating such a long-standing relationship with the school.

Tuition at Whalley Range this year has been up and running for a few weeks now, with our tutors keen and hopeful about the programme moving forward. Tutor Dawn Vance is especially enjoying working with the school.

“Its a real privilege to work with the students at Whalley Range. Their enthusiasm and positivity has been so impressive, and the girls are unfailingly polite and friendly. The lessons so far have been lots of fun and very productive; theres been a real buzz in the room throughout each session. Its lovely to see the students becoming more confident and Im really looking forward to helping them develop their skills and realise their potential in English.”

Tutor Mirza Baig noted how important the relationship between staff and tutors is to ensuring tuition is successful. "Delivering high quality tuition is made easy when staff members in Whalley Range and students cooperate alike- creating a beautiful learning atmosphere."

Another tutor, Asmita Mirza, commented: “Working at Whalley range has been an absolute pleasure, the students are determined, enthusiastic and make sure to make the most out of each session. They truly value the experience and strive for their own goals."

The strength of our partner school relationships is one of the key factors that make our work so impactful. Ensuring that these relationships go from strength to strength is one of the key ways we can break down the barriers in accessibility to education and ensure even more young people achieve their potential. We look forward to tuition at Whalley Range continuing, and to forming new and equally strong working relationships with schools over the next ten years!