Yesterday, July 5th, marked the release of the first set of SATs results in three years, and at Tutor Trust we’d like to say a huge well done to our partner schools, our tutors, and, of course, to our fabulous Year 6 tutees!

This cohort of Year 6 pupils has faced unprecedented challenges, with two years of heavily disrupted schooling due to the Covid-19 pandemic, so these results are especially momentous for our pupils, schools, and parents. While we’ve only seen a small sample of results so far, we have every confidence that the exceptional commitment and hard work of pupils, parents and teachers, supported by our tutors, will have led to a strong set of results. 

For our 111 partner primary schools, tutoring with Tutor Trust was a way to accelerate pupils’ progress. With our 2016/17 Randomised Control Trial (RCT) demonstrating that 12 hours of Maths tutoring led to three months additional progress, tutoring is a proven, effective intervention. This year, 1,620 Year 6 pupils across Greater Manchester, Leeds-Bradford and Merseyside received support from one of our tutors in the run up to their SATs. Each participating pupil received, on average, 11.9 hours of support in each subject of tutoring, with 260 pupils accessing support in both Maths and Reading. 

Our Year 6 pupils are very positive about the benefits of tutoring; here’s just some of the great feedback they have given us so far this year: 

“Tutoring sessions are fun, and we always learn something new” – Year 6 Maths pupil, Manchester

“I think tutoring is a really good way of helping students learn something new and help them catch up with something they don't know or struggle with, and after all that I would like to thank the tutor and the teachers who also helped!” – Year 6 English pupil, Leeds

“[My favourite moment from tuition was] when we could discuss about our secondary schools at the end of the very last session we had.” – Year 6 Maths pupil, Liverpool

“I like the growth mindset stickers and like being rewarded for my hard work” – Year 6 Maths pupil, Leeds

We were also more than happy to hear the brilliant feedback from two of our key primary partner schools; Pinehurst Primary and Ashurst Primary, both in Merseyside.

“Every child who worked with Tutor Trust made progress, apart from one child who still achieved the expected standard (this child missed sessions due to absence). Some of the children made excellent progress, for example, a child with a reading mock SAT score of 88 scored 100. Amazing!" –  Anna McDiarmid, Pupil Premium and Catch Up Premium Lead, Pinehurst Primary

“We are delighted with our 2022 SATs results which show the impact of quality first teaching and intervention that Sasha has provided via The National Tutoring Programme and Tutor Trust.  Our results are above national in all areas with 70% achieving R/W/M combined.  The impact of small group intervention and a clear focus on addressing gaps in learning has really accelerated progress for individuals and resulted in them excelling in their SATs.”– Lisa Houghton, Headteacher, Ashurst Primary

Our full-time tutor Sasha Snowden-Leak reflected on the wonderful results, after having delivered both Reading and Maths tuition for the Year 6 pupils this past academic year.

 “Ashurst has been one of my schools since November when I was a part-time tutor and I said goodbye to the Year 6s in May the week before their SATs, so seeing these results has really brightened my day! So happy to have been a part of their school and glad to see that all of the hard work pays off, for both the students, and us tutors and coordinators!”

As Year 6 pupils and their teachers up and down the country celebrate today’s results, we want to take some time to thank all our tutors for their efforts this past year. We know that having a role model that pupils can relate to, as well as feel empowered by, has a real impact on the development and aspirations of young people beyond simply their academic attainment.  

It’s been fantastic to see the growth and development of all our Year 6 pupils, and we are excited to do a full analysis of the SATs results to see how tutoring can boost pupil attainment, and how we can further improve our work. Most importantly, however, we want to congratulate all Year 6 pupils on their patience and effort, and wish them the best of luck as they transition into secondary school!

If you would like to work with primary pupils to help them achieve their full potential, apply to tutor with us now.