In its seventh year, The Tutor Trust has now established itself as one of the most successful educational charities in the North West.  The charity has recruited well over a thousand tutors in Manchester and Leeds to help disadvantaged children and young people improve their Maths, English and Science.  The tutors have had a positive impact across hundreds of schools.

The Tutor Trust takes greatest pride in the diligence of its tutors and the success of its tutees.  Veronika Sukhareva is a shining example of both.  As a school pupil, Veronika received tuition and today, she works for the charity as a Maths and English Tutor when she’s not studying at University.  At the recent Summer Reception, The Tutor Trust took the time to congratulate Veronika on her achievements and thank her for her commitment.

The event welcomed a long-term partner of The Tutor Trust, Patsy Kane, Executive Principal of the Education and Leadership Trust, whose schools include Whalley Range High School, where Veronica had been a pupil.  It was then fitting that Patsy should take the opportunity to acknowledge Veronika:

We actually have a wonderful example tonight of one of our ex-students who joined us in year 9 speaking only Russian and not much English and benefited from The Tutor Trust.”

Patsy praised Veronika’s further academic accomplishments, as she “went on to do extremely well at A-level, is studying languages at Manchester University and is now a tutor in her own right.”

Veronika has reflected on her history with The Tutor Trust and speaks fondly of her time as a pupil receiving English tuition:

When I was chosen to be tutored I was in Year 10 and at that point had only been living in the UK for roughly 5 years.  English language was the subject I really wanted help in … The sessions that I received had a great impact on me.  Firstly, the sessions helped me to improve my English and aspire to overcome any difficulties I was having with language.  Secondly, I have also realised that the teaching that was provided by the tutor allowed me to use that knowledge as I studied other languages also.”

Veronika’s experience with tuition, knowing what a difference it can make for someone, eventually inspired her to offer her own services to The Tutor Trust.

As it turned out, The Tutor Trust, the very organisation that had provided her with learning support at school, proved ideal for gaining teaching experience – “I always thought that it is very hard to get into teaching, but when I heard about The Tutor Trust, midway through my university degree in modern languages of Russian and Spanish, I thought it was just the perfect opportunity.”

Having seen The Tutor Trust evolve from her days as a tutee, Veronika pointed out the improvements the charity has undergone.  She remarked that in seven years “the quality of the tutors has only increased and is continuing to do so” and that they “provide help in the core subjects of Mathematics and English”.

Veronika’s own performances as a tutor has been impressive and she exhibits the sort of enthusiasm and pride The Tutor Trust values in all the tutors they employ.  When asked what her favourite tutoring moment had been, she described a time when, after 8 weeks of teaching Maths, her pupils “were surpassing their abilities on the mathematics test scores, when they were so used to getting 8/40, after the tuition sessions they began to get 39/40!”

The Tutor Trust is incredibly grateful to Veronika for giving her time to help pupils in the same situation she was once in.  Her story is one of tremendous success, for The Tutor Trust and for Veronika herself, and she demonstrates the absolute best that can come from working with disadvantaged school pupils that need it most.

When asked for advice to people interested in tutoring, Veronika had this to say – “If you want to make a difference in the world this is the perfect opportunity.  You will be changing one life at a time.”  Thank you, Veronika, for your support and dedication to The Tutor Trust.