Following GCSE results being published in August, The Tutor Trust would like to thank our pupils across all three cities for their remarkable effort and congratulate them on their success! We saw many schools and students benefit from tuition last year and are very proud of how the Tutor Trust pupils have performed.

Although The Tutor Trust has only been operating in Liverpool as of 2018, we have already seen our work having a positive impact in schools. Our Merseyside tutors were responsible for delivering Maths and Science tuition in six secondary schools as part of the city council’s Liverpool Promise project. In Life Sciences UTC, tutors Oscar Feeney, Sarah Obeng-Morre and Jessica Shortland worked with 21 Year 11s to help them in Maths and Science.

90% of pupils from Life Sciences UTC that received tuition qualified for Pupil Premium and many reached significant grading benchmarks. Ten of the pupils taking Maths experienced an improvement in grades – three of these went from a grade 2 to a grade 4, whilst two more pupils went from grade 3 to grade 4.

This was an important achievement for the Year 11s. Assistant Principal Simon Walker was delighted with the results, stating that “there has been good improvement, with 5 students critically moving from a fail to a standard pass in maths. The support of all the team in helping these students achieve is very much appreciated.”

Two Maths pupils also went from the Standard Pass grade 4 to a Strong Pass grade 5. A further six pupils received Science tuition from The Tutor Trust, four made improvements and one even leapt from grade 3 to grade 6. Overall, the results showed that tuition had a worthwhile impact on Life Sciences UTC. School Principal Ian Parry expressed how pleased he had been with the project:

“The Tutor Trust have provided an excellent opportunity to refine some of our young people’s skills with some targeted small group work.”

He also had praise for our tutors, noting that a “mutual trust was quickly developed that allowed the tutors to challenge students to achieve while giving them the security to get things wrong and go again.”

A big well-done to the pupils at Life Sciences UTC and all the schools in Liverpool, Leeds and Manchester that worked with The Tutor Trust; thank you as well to the secondary tutors that supported our GCSE pupils, helping them to produce such great results!