Today, Year 11 pupils across the country have received their GCSE results. The Tutor Trust would like to congratulate all the pupils that received tuition and thank them for their hard work in the 2018/19 academic year.

The Tutor Trust delivered over 11,000 hours of tuition in secondary schools last year. This has helped teachers with their workload and allows pupils to get additional assistance that can make a massive difference to their confidence and ability in core GCSE subjects. Our school partnerships are key to our tuition having significant impact and we want to thank all the schools who continue to support the Tutor Trust and introduce our bright, enthusiastic tutors to their pupils.

One school we worked with this year was Burnage Academy in Manchester, where tutors Kit, Oona, Rosa and Duha were working with groups of Year 11 pupils on their Maths, English and Science. Kit said of his time spent there tutoring that “teaching GCSE science at Burnage Academy for Boys was a particularly enjoyable assignment. The boys attitude towards work was exceptional: each student showed ambition and maturity in their approach to studying.”

Jack Shepherd, Head of English at Burnage Academy, was pleased with how tuition had gone:

“The strength of the tutors ensured that pupils enjoyed these sessions and were eager to attend. From a Departmental perspective, they allowed us to target additional pupils in the lead up to exam season and I have no doubt made a massive difference to both the confidence and performance of these pupils.”

Last year, we were immensely proud of how our secondary pupils performed in their GCSEs – 74% of Year 11s achieved Grade 4 or higher in Maths, whilst 73% achieved the same in English. This year we hope to see similar success for our Secondary pupils who have worked so hard to get the best grades they can.

GCSE results for 2019 have revealed another increase in top and pass grades across the UK. The Tutor Trust will be publishing our annual Impact Report this autumn, which will detail the effect all our tuition has had, including the performance of our GCSE pupils. We hope all our GCSE pupils get the results they wanted – thank you again to our pupils and tutors for all their hard work this year.

If you or someone you know would like to help young people unlock their potential in core GCSE subjects, we are currently accepting applications to become a secondary school tutor – you can find out more about our tutoring job opportunities here!