As the Key Stage 2 SATs approach, Tutor Trust wants to wish all the pupils we have worked with in Greater Manchester and Leeds lots of luck. Our tutors have said goodbye and good luck to their fantastic Year 6 pupils and presented them with Tutor Trust good luck cards in their final sessions.

At Bowness Primary School in Bolton, our tutor Farida worked with eight Year 6 pupils from the beginning of the academic year. Farida built up a fantastic relationship with her pupils, and so this week sent them each a good luck card ahead of their SATs. The pupils were delighted to receive the cards, and headteacher Victoria Unsworth said “we were immensely pleased with the work that Farida did, and with the relationship she established with our pupils. We are confident that this has put them in good stead to take their SATs.”

At Grosvenor Road Primary School in Swinton, our tutors Skye and Saffron have been tutoring their Year 6 pupils since January. They have made strong connections in the school with both pupils and teachers alike, and Emma Johns (SENCO and Assistant Headteacher) said that “it was really nice to see the children build up a relationship with their tutor – you could really see their confidence grow week by week!”

The tutors, whilst sad to be seeing tuition end, both had a fantastic time working in school, with Saffron saying “The children at Grosvenor Road Primary School have been a pleasure to teach! They have always come into my sessions with a great attitude and bundles of enthusiasm. They have all worked so hard over the last two terms, and made a lot of improvement on some tricky areas. It’s been a wonderful school to have the opportunity to visit and work within such a great environment - I have learnt a lot purely by being there. I wish all my tutees the best of luck in their SATS, and in their new schools! I know they will all do brilliantly with both.”

This is the second year we have worked with Grosvenor Road Primary, and our partnership with them continues to grow – Skye also enjoyed tuition there, saying “I have really loved the assignment at Grosvenor Road! The staff at the school were really supportive, and it has been wonderful to see the children improve and further develop their problem-solving skills. I wish them the best of luck for their exams!”

Tutor Trust wants to thank all our tutors who have worked so hard this academic year. This year we have worked in over 80 Primary schools and delivered over 8,000 hours of tuition so far across Greater Manchester and Leeds, and we are delighted by the quality of work we have seen. We are looking forward to continuing our work with Year 5s in the summer term and helping them to prepare ahead of starting Year 6 in September. Meanwhile, here at The Tutor Trust, we would like to wish all our Year 6 classes in our partner Primary schools the very best of luck in the SATs and beyond!