Our tutees have worked hard over the last year

We want to wish all our hard-working Year 11 tutees success tomorrow as they wait for their GCSE results.  

Despite the interruptions of lockdowns and the ongoing challenges of the pandemic faced by everyone, our tutees have responded amazingly to every challenge, applying themselves to study throughout the year.

Over the last 12 months we’ve supported 5,700 young people (more than double the number of any other year) in English, Maths and Science.  Of those pupils we have supported, just over 1,100 have been Year 11 students.  In the course of the academic year, we’ve pivoted from face-to-face delivery to online tutoring and back again, to ensure seamless continuity of learning for pupils who have needed the support of a great tutor.

We know that tutoring makes a positive difference to outcomes – results of the Education Endowment Foundation’s Randomised Control Trial into the impact of our tuition gave gold standard evidence of the benefits to pupils.  Our tutors also hear directly from their tutees about the progress they are making.

In our recent Tutor Survey, tutor Hannah Hughes, a graduate in Theatre and Performance (Industrial) from the University of Leeds, said her highlight was: “Seeing one of my students improve by 2 grades for her mock exams. She just needed someone to have confidence in her and her abilities.”

Another tutor, Jess Foster, a recent graduate in English from University of Manchester, described her best moment of the last year as being: “On the final session of my face-to-face tutoring when one of my previously Grade 4 students told me that he was only a matter of marks away from a Grade 7. It was so rewarding.”

Here’s wishing all our Year 11 tutees the results they want tomorrow to support them for whatever next step they have chosen in education or training or work.