Tutor Trust has launched its 2019 Impact Report and celebrates a record year of tuition, having delivered over 20,000 hours to over 2,700 young people in 187 schools. Our mission is to 'transform lives through tuition' by making sure every child who needs some additional academic support can access a great tutor. Our 2019 Impact Report showcases the fantastic work that our tutors have done to raise pupils’ attainment and aspirations across Greater Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool. A full copy of the report can be found here.

Following the publication of the highly successful results of our randomised control trial last November, Tutor Trust are delighted be partnering with the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) as one of their ‘Promising Projects’. Their CEO Sir Kevan Collins said:

The evidence is clear that high-quality tutoring can boost the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and is a good use of schools' pupil premium funding. The EEF has designated Tutor Trust one of our Promising Projects because they demonstrated positive and cost-effective impact when we put them through the tough test of a randomised controlled trial. We're happy to recommend them to schools and to support their growth plan in the North of England.

In addition, Tutor Trust is delighted to announce our exciting growth plans for the next three years, created in partnership with both the EEF and Impetus. This will allow us to increase the number of young people we work with by 70% by July 2022.

Our Impact 2019

Our 2019 Impact Report describes the positive impact on attainment and aspirations that all our tutors have across the full range of our work: English, Science and Maths across Primary, Secondary and FE.  Our Impact Report is not just about better outcomes in exams, important though that is.  The Impact Report captures pupil voice, case studies and the views of school leaders and classroom teachers, as well as demonstrating the impact on GCSE and SATs results from our personalised tuition.

Tutor Trust is unique as a charity in offering high quality, professional tuition services at a cost schools can afford.  As talented undergraduates, our tutors are great role models as well as effective academic tutors.  Most of the pupils we support would not otherwise be able to access tutors.

Our data shows that every single hour of tuition makes a difference to the young people we serve, and there is a strong correlation between the number of hours of tuition received and outcomes attained:

  • In Primary School, after an average of eleven hours of tuition, 72% of our Year 6 tutees achieved national expected standards or better in their SATs tests
  • The average scaled score in SATs rose from 95 at the beginning of tuition to 103 at the end of tuition
  • In secondary schools, after an average of six hours of tuition, 62% of Year 11 students achieved a Grade 4 or above in their tuition subject
  • The average progress was 0.59 of a grade
  • 71% of pupils who achieved 12 or more hours of Maths tuition attained Grade 4 or higher in their GCSE and their average increase in grade was 1.47
  • Of the 129 tutors observed by our team of qualified teachers and school leaders, 84% were good or outstanding. 


Our Three Year Plan

Since early 2019, we have been fortunate to partner with EEF and Impetus to create a solid Three-Year Plan to help us to fulfil our mission of ‘transforming lives through tuition’ across the North of England up to July 2022.   Our Co-Founders Abigail Shapiro and Nick Bent said:

The heart and soul of our plan is about maximising the positive impact of tuition on pupil outcomes, especially for the disadvantaged pupils we serve in Greater Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool.

"We want more of our tuition to be delivered to the pupils who need it most, and we want them to get the optimal benefit from their tuition assignments. Plus, we want to serve thousands more of these young people. And if we achieve what we have set out to do, we will reduce the attainment gap in Merseyside, Greater Manchester and Leeds by 10%.

We plan to increase our number of beneficiaries by 70%, which means tutoring 4,100 young people in the 2021/22 academic year and partnering with 275 primary and secondary schools. At least 85% of these 4,100 pupils will be disadvantaged (either on Pupil Premium, or a Looked After Child or in Alternative Provision) and we will make sure they get both the quantity and quality of tuition they need to succeed. Plus, over the coming academic year, we will continue to deliver our innovative approach to Alternative Provision, The Right Angle, as part of a project funded by the Department for Education.     

Andy Ratcliffe, the Chief Executive of Impetus, said:

“The Tutor Trust have an ambitious plan that will see them deliver better tuition to more young people who need it most. Through their mix of high-quality tuition delivered by well-trained tutors and strong partnerships with local schools, The Tutor Trust are well on their way to making a significant dent in the attainment gap in the North.”