We're pleased to welcome our new Manchester Primary Coordinator, Rachel Bray. Find out more about Rachel and her thoughts on her first week with The Tutor Trust.

Hi Rachel. Tell us about yourself.

I have been born and bred in Stockport and am a definite home bird.  I studied Education Studies at Manchester Metropolitan University and graduated in summer 2016.  A lot of my evenings and weekends are spent volunteering for Girl Guiding and Scouts and from this Friday Evening you will find me being Brown Owl for a large Brownie guide group.

What made you want to work with The Tutor Trust?

When I was studying at University I attended a placement in a school where The Tutor Trust was working and got chatting to a Tutor.  I asked about the organisation that she worked for and as she described what they did, I knew that was somewhere I would love to work.  4 years later when I saw the position advertised I knew I had to apply.  I have always been involved with children’s charities and volunteering.  This role combines a lot of my interests and hobbies in what feels like a tailor-made role.

What are you hoping to get out of your role in The Tutor Trust? What skills from your academic/professional life are you hoping to bring to it?

The Tutor Trust feels like such a lovely place to work that I feel that I'll get a lot from the experience and am really looking forward to it.  I am already seeing how my studies in education will link with the role and help me progress further.  Through my studies and the volunteer work I do, I think there will be lots of cross over which is lovely and hopefully I can bring what I have learnt to the Tutor Trust too.  I think that the most important thing is the reward that the job gives you and the job satisfaction I am looking forward to receiving.

What are your initial impressions of The Tutor Trust, have you got any highlights from your first week? Are you excited to get stuck into your time here?

My first impressions have been WOW what a lovely bunch of welcoming people.  Starting a new job can be quite daunting, going into a new place, making friends and learning new things.  I have been welcomed with open arms from the off.  During my first week I have also been lucky enough to attend a Welcome evening for new tutors in Liverpool. It was a lovely evening and was a great chance to get to meet lots of new tutors whilst also spending time with the office team and getting to know them better, a definite highlight for me.  During my first week I have also attended several school visits and its been good to hear all the positive things that they have to say about the Tutor Trust.  I can't wait to get stuck in now and get going properly.