Tutor Trust have officially launched a brand new online resource for tutors, Thinqi Library. 

Thinqi is a digital learning platform, which Tutor Trust have used to provide our special online training programme to tutors since all our work has had to be done remotely. We have designed our Thinqi Library, which contains a wealth of materials and resources to help tutors develop in their roles and deliver the highest quality tutoring sessions. 

OuThinqi Library is the most comprehensive, accessible and advanced resource we have ever created for our tutors. The Library provides tutors with: 

  • Activities and tasks organised into ‘bundles’ for all subjects across both Secondary and Primary. 
  • Tutorials and CPD videos, including our newly available tutorial on how to use Thinqi Library. These are monitored by Tutor Trust staff so that engaged tutors can progress along our Advanced Tutor Pathway. 
  • Full lesson packs for Biology, Chemistry and Physics topics, including Do It Now tasks, Starters, Main and Plenary aspects for all of them. 
  • The chance to recommend resources to other tutors, using a review system of 5 star rating and comments. 
  • The ability to ‘bookmark’ materials, so tutors can return to them for further use. 
  • A simple user experience, with organised and professionally designed pages that are easy to navigate and engage with. 

Thinqi Library is available to every one of our tutors. We want our tutors to feel confident that their sessions are as engaging as they can be; through Thinqi Library, they can access activities and information that will enhance their skills and make their tutoring even better.  

We encourage all our tutors to make use of this special resource and are sure they will find it has a huge impact on the quality of their tutoring. 

To find out more about Thinqi Library, you can email our Quality Manager, Lucy, at [email protected].