We are delighted to launch our Impact Report for 2020

In the first half of the 2019/20 academic year we expanded our work, serving more schools and pupils across Greater Manchester, Leeds and Merseyside.  Over the course of the 2019/20, we worked with 173 schools and over 2,500 pupils supporting Maths, English and Science in secondary and primary schools.

March 2020 and the global pandemic brought unprecedented challenges.  Concerned with the impact on vulnerable pupils, we launched online tutoring and transformed our processes so that we could continue to transform lives through tutoring.

Our Key Achievements

  • Record numbers of tutors and school partners, by March 2020
  • Completed the first year of our plan to lower the attainment gap by 10% by 2022
  • Delivered two pilots in online tutoring
  • Built online recruitment, training and monitoring capability
  • Secured extensive tutoring relationships for the next academic year

Online Tutoring

In April 2020, we launched our first pilot of online tutoring in Maths and English.  By May 2020 we were proud to be one of four partners selected to deliver a national online tutoring pilot.  This pilot was run by the Education Endowment Foundation, NESTA, Impetus and The Sutton Trust, with Tutor Trust being the only partner based in the North of England.

With the support of funding partners, we have supplied free laptops to pupils who needed computer equipment and supported nearly 200 young people through online tutoring over the summer holidays.  Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive - online tutoring is here to stay at Tutor Trust!

The Future

The Tutor Trust has successfully transitioned to a dual channel model - able to deliver tutoring in, or out, of school, online or face to face.  The current crisis is disproportionately impacting disadvantaged and vulnerable young people.  Without intervention, the attainment gap will widen further and we want to play our part in reducing this gap.

As a member of the Fair Education Alliance, Tutor Trust actively supported the broad coalition who backed the idea of a National Tutoring Programme (NTP), and we welcomed the Prime Minister’s announcement in June. Since then, we have gladly helped the EEF, Impetus and others with the detailed NTP design.

We want to do all we can to support pupils and schools in the North, so we submitted an ambitious bid to the NTP in September.  We look forward to the EEF announcement in early November.

Co-Founders Abigail Shapiro and Nick Bent said:

“We have ambitious plans to work with more young people over this academic year and are ready for the further challenges our partners schools may face. 

"We wish to thank all of those who continue to support, advise and fund our work - enabling us to continue to deliver on our promise to the young people we serve.”

Please see this link to Our Impact 2020: https://www.thetutortrust.org/what-impact-does-tuition-have