GCSE Maths and English Booster sessions

A few weeks ago, we piloted a fantastic CPD session with a small group of parents, current Y10/11 pupils, and tutors, where we shared top tips on supporting young people on their GCSE Maths journey. Led by our very own Trixie Whittell, a seasoned secondary Maths teacher with more than10 years of experience, the session was all about preparing for the all-important exam in ways that make revision simple and accessible.

Due to the first session’s success, we reran this workshop on Monday 21st March, for those who missed out. You can find a recording of the session – along with all the great resources we shared – over on our “For Parents” tab.  The workshop covers:

  • Top tips for GCSE Maths success
  • Practical and efficient revision techniques
  • Common misconceptions in Maths
  • Strategies for tackling multi-mark questions


To help keep pupils, parents and guardians prepared as much as possible, we’ll also be running a GCSE English Literature Booster session, next week, on Monday 28th March at 5:00-5:30pm.

In similar fashion Similar to the Maths CPD, our English Literature session will be run by Dawn Vance, our Secondary Quality Manager and part-time tutor. With 14 years of experience as a secondary English teacher, Dawn will be sharing some top tips and tricks to help pupils feel ready to tackle their English exams in the summer.

This session is a great opportunity for your Year 10/11 pupils who may be looking ahead to their GCSE exams, and for parents, guardians and carers who want to support their teenager’s learning.

In next week’s fast-paced workshop, we’ll cover:

  • Top tips for GCSE English Literature success
  • Practical and efficient revision techniques
  • How to tackle the questions on your set texts
  • How to do well in the Unseen Poetry section

All attendees will also receive a free handy resource guide after attending the session so they can continue their learning. Please sign up now and confirm your place!