At the Tutor Trust, we provide our tutors with opportunities to improve and develop their tuition skills. Our most recent CPD events in Leeds and Manchester focused on Primary Reading, so that tutors who are supporting children with their SATs Reading exams feel more confident to deliver the best possible tuition. 

Our Quality Manager for Primary Schools, Matt Wallis, delivered these events at the end of February. The CPD session covered curriculum and exam details, as well as useful engaging techniques for Primary Reading tuition. Members of staff in our partner Primary Schools suggested content to be incorporated into the training. The session gave tutors the chance to share advice with one another, whilst Matt was able to offer experience from his 14 years working in primary schools. 

Our tutors were further provided with a free Year 6 Comprehension book, a fantastic resource that is both fun and accessible. Following the training, Matt observed one tutor in a school setting using the book in the session who commented on how useful the book was, explaining that the handouts helped her pupils to break down SATs questions into smaller more manageable questions.

The CPD events were really well-received from the tutors, with all of them describing the event as either ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’ and everyone saying they would be using what they’d learnt in future tuition sessions. One tutor said in their feedback that

“the resources presented were really useful and helped quantify something which can be really vague, both for tutors and children”.

Thank you to everyone who attended this CPD, it was great to hear that you valued the CPD and feel more prepared than ever for your Primary tuition. Our next CPD will be tackling tuition with pupils who have English as an Additional Language. It will take place in Liverpool on Monday 11th March (sign up here: Facebook or Google doc), Manchester on Wednesday 13th March (sign up here: Facebook or Google doc) and Leeds on Wednesday 20th March (sign up here: Facebook or Google doc). See you there!