Today the Tutor Trust is launching a new tutoring package to support Primary school pupils.

The new package is called 'Primary Progress - Puppies and Pirates'.  We believe that 'catch-up' should be fun and stimulating for pupils, and we hope this offer will go down really well with Primaries across the North of England. 

The 'puppies' programme is 15 hours of English tutoring and the 'pirates' programme is 15 hours of Maths tutoring.  It can be used with pupils in Year 5 and/or Year 6 and it was devised by the qualified teachers on our staff. 

The full content of the 'puppies and pirates' programme can be downloaded here

Sessions can be delivered weekly, or for an intensive intervention, in two hour-long sessions each week for seven-and-a-half weeks.  It’s subsidised by the National Tutoring Programme, which makes it a very cost-effective tool for helping close the attainment gap.​ You can read more about our partnership with the NTP here.  In some cases a 15-hour block of tutoring can cost as little as £60 – just £4 per child, per hour.

We are a registered charity with 10 years’ experience and we’re proud to be the only tutoring provider in the UK with excellent outcomes from a Randomised Control Tria(commissioned by Education Endowment Foundation).  We work across the North, in the Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool city regions.

Closing the attainment gap is desperately needed. In her farewell speech as Children’s Commissioner for England last week, Anne Longfield highlighted the challenges some children face, saying that one in seven children start primary schools with significant weaknesses in physical, emotional and social development.​

We are committed to working with Primary and Secondary schools, and are a partner in the National Tutoring Programme, so that we can support those same young people to help them reach their full potential.  We’ve been tutoring online (alongside face-to-face sessions for more vulnerable pupils) throughout lockdown, and we’re now looking forward to delivering more tuition back in school. ​

It’s crucial that we all play our part in helping our most vulnerable students catch up with their peers, so that they have every chance to create their own successful adulthood.

If you want to know more about how we can help your school do this, please contact [email protected]​ or visit our NTP page for more info on working with us and benefiting from the NTP subsidies.