The DfE are offering £200m of funding for summer schools, giving secondary schools £597 per two-week place (£59.70 per place per day).

Summer school is the perfect opportunity to help smooth the transition from primary to secondary for Year 6 pupils. According to research from the EEF, summer schools can enable pupils to make two to four months’ progress. The DfE has said: “A two-week summer school can give pupils the opportunity to kick start any education recovery before they start a new school, as well as supporting their wellbeing through sports and activities.”

To support the effective transition from primary to secondary school, we have developed a ‘Ready for Secondary’ Summer School package. The package offers a scheme of work to engage Year 6 in Maths and English as well as focusing on the skills pupils need to be secondary ready. The tutoring sessions complement each school’s respective Recovery Curriculum and can be tailored to pupils’ particular needs. (The image above is from our summer school at Buile Hill High School in 2018).

The flexible package can run over one or two weeks, depending on the school’s preference, with 10 hours of tuition each week. The programme will run mid-July to August.  Our highly-skilled tutors will work with small groups of six pupils at a time.

Matt Wallis, Tutor Trust’s Director of Training and Quality Assurance, says the move from primary to secondary school can be a challenge for some children.

The summer school environment is a golden opportunity to help young people develop learning skills that will be helpful for them in secondary school,” he says.

"We wanted this programme to remind them of what they already know and give them some new skills that will help them as they move into Year 7, so the programme focuses on prior learning and developing skills through consolidation activities and retrieval practice.

“Summer school has the added bonus of enabling these children to meet each other in a more informal setting and to build friendships ahead of their arrival at secondary school, which has the added benefit of boosting their confidence on day one as they recognise familiar faces amongst the teaching staff and their peers.”

To find out more about our summer school offer, please contact your local Schools Partnership Manager:

Liverpool city region: Mark Wyss – [email protected]

Manchester city region: Phil Mellen – [email protected]

Leeds city region: Sharon Sadler – [email protected]