The Tutor Trust and TLC: Talk, Listen, Change were delighted to hold the Advisory Board meeting for The Right Angle today on Wednesday 12th June. This was the second Advisory Board meeting to have taken place, and we were all extremely happy with how successful it was.

Generously hosted by Shoosmith’s in the XYZ Building in Spinningfields, we were pleased to welcome many impressive professional figures in education, including:

  • Gemma Marsh Assistant Director for Skills at the Greater Manchester Combined Authority
  • Eve Martin, founding trustee of The Tutor Trust, with extensive experience across children’s services in Greater Manchester
  • Martin Lennon, Head of Public Affairs for Children’s Commissioner
  • Adrian Ball, Chief Executive Officer of ‘Manchester Settlement’
  • Danny Swift and Shaun Brown, Head of Operations and Head of Programme at ‘The Difference’

As well as Nick Bent and Abigail Shapiro, co-founders of The Tutor Trust, Jason Heaford, Chief Operating Officer at The Tutor Trust, Emma Jones-Holding, Head of Counselling at TLC: Talk, Listen, Change, and The Right Angle team, Joanne Meredith, Donna Sergeant, Laura Henshaw and Beth Farrell.

Apologies were sent for our other members of the Advisory Board, who include: Michelle Hill, Jennie Neil, Jayne Horan, John Shanahan, and Phil Arnold.

The meeting, which was chaired by Gemma Marsh, was extremely successful, and provided great insight into how The Right Angle can utilise its opportunities to strengthen and expand its service across Greater Manchester. Our team came away from the meeting with many exciting new ideas on how our project can reach more young people in the future, and how to work better as a team as well. The Right Angle team were incredibly grateful to gain advice from people outside of the project, lending a fresh look at the aims and methods of our work.

The Right Angle, a DfE Alternative Provision Innovation Fund project, has been up-and-running since September 2018, and has expanded to a team of four across The Tutor Trust and TLC: Talk, Listen, Change. We are working across 5 local authorities in Greater Manchester, providing tuition and counselling to Looked After Children and young people in alternative provision aged 11-16. We are looking forward to working with even more young people next academic year.

The Right Angle team, and everyone at The Tutor Trust and TLC: Talk, Listen, Change were delighted with how the meeting went. Many thanks to all who came!