We were delighted to have Stephen Twigg, MP for Liverpool West Derby, and Councillor Nick Small, Assistant Mayor of Liverpool, visit Holly Lodge Girls’ College in Liverpool last Friday 16th March to observe the tuition being carried out there by Tutor Trust tutors in Maths and Science.

They were accompanied by Andy Keen, Headteacher of Holly Lodge, and Richard Clift, Assistant Headteacher, as well as Nick Bent and Beth Farrell from The Tutor Trust.  The morning began with a visit to observe Year 8 tuition in action, where tutors were delivering Maths and Science tuition on a 1:1 basis.  They then had the opportunity to meet with the tutors themselves to find out more about them before observing the Year 11 tuition that takes place in groups of 3.

The visit was a great chance to observe the excellent tuition that has gotten underway at Holly Lodge.  Our Liverpool pilot began in January 2018 when we first started hiring tutors.  Since then, we have trained 58 tutors in Liverpool, and have commenced tuition in all six of our partner schools.  We are completing 69 hours of tuition a week across all these schools, and have received positive feedback from both schools and tutors so far – Holly Lodge themselves said “The first tuition session went very well and we look forward to future success in the coming months as the sessions continue.”

We look forward to seeing our tutor and school partnerships strengthen and expand over the rest of the year.