A tutor supports two pupils in a Maths session

Thank you, tutors, we think you're amazing!

We gather feedback from all our stakeholders, and we especially like hearing from our tutees about the impact of their tutors


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As part of our focus on ensuring every hour of high-quality tuition we deliver has the most impact on our tutees, we collect regular feedback from them and their school’s leadership teams. We want to learn about the experience for our partners, and the benefits they are experiencing.

And our fantastic tutees never fail to tell us what tutoring means to them – it’s always a joy to receive their expressive words.

24 January 2023 is National Compliment Day, and research has shown the benefits of compliments for both the recipient, in terms of improving mood and boosting performance (due to the release of the 'reward' neurotransmitter dopamine), and for the giver in terms of creating a better mood, and we’re encouraging our team to share a compliment.  And, in the meantime, we’re sharing some of our favourites from tutees!

Tuition is really fun and helps you to be confident."
Year 7 Maths pupil Manchester Academy
My favourite moment from tuition was seeing her because she put a smile on my face. She was the best tutor EVER."
A Year 6 maths pupil at Button Lane Primary School (speaking about her tutor Aneesa)
My favourite moment from tuition was learning..., but at the same time having fun."
Year 6 Maths pupil at St. William of York RC Primary School
The tutoring people make Maths really fun."
Year 6 Maths pupil Button Lane Primary School, Manchester
My favourite moment in tutoring was asking all the questions I've been meaning to ask."
Year 8 Science pupil, Manchester Academy
Tutoring has made me more confident in Maths."
Pupil, Year 6 Maths, Oswald Road Primary School, Manchester
I enjoyed my sessions with my tutor because he was very friendly."
Pupil, Year 11 Maths, Manchester Academy

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