We’ve been celebrating all things Science over the last few days to mark British Science Week.

Jason Rose shared the importance if using current affairs to bring Science alive for tutees, and today you can hear from our Lead Tutor Cailum Finnegan about his experience as a Science tutor.

This week we've also hosted an online Science Training session for tutors which included content on how to engage and excite students about Science, addressed some common misconceptions and heard from the tutors about what excited them about tutoring the subject.

Jo Meredith, our Director of Alternative Provision started her professional career as a science teacher, thanks to an enthusiastic primary school teacher who fired her passion for the subject.

Jo says simply:

Being a scientist is a lifelong mission.

She adds: "I fell in love with science at the age of nine, inspired by an amazing primary school teacher. This teacher fired up my imagination and encouraged my curiosity about how the world worked. Prior to that I had just been an annoying, precocious child that asked far too many questions. My teacher encouraged me to find out for myself, formulate and test hypotheses and draw conclusions – the scientific method!

"I have been applying that to my life ever since. I studied science throughout school and then went to University in Bangor to study Chemistry. My enthusiasm for science led me to have a great desire to pass on my passion to others and I began my teaching career as a science teacher in 1986. My teaching career took me into leadership and even as Headteacher of a high school I always insisted that I had to still teach at least one science class each week. This was my way of staying grounded and experiencing the awe and wonder that science can bring.

"This year has been a particularly pertinent year for scientists – they have been our lifesavers! So, I feel privileged to belong to that group during British Science Week 2021.