Since the start of this academic year, we’ve faced unprecedented demand from schools for high-quality tutoring – more than 1,000 pupils have already started tutoring with us since September.  This is phenomenal, and we expect that level of demand to increase. 

As schools continue to focus on closing the attainment gap and supporting all their pupils to achieve their potential, they are increasingly turning to our high-quality tutors to support that work. And with funding from the National Tutoring Programme and Schools-led Tutoring Grant, schools can access tutoring at much reduced rates.

We’re delighted to be fielding more enquiries than ever from our existing school partners and new ones, as this means we’re able to transform more young people’s lives and help level-up the education playing field.

This all means that our tutors are busier than ever, and so are our recruitment team, as we need to continue to recruit more highly motivated individuals to train and work as tutors with us.

So, we are delighted that, to recognise the importance of tutoring in this post-pandemic world and the need for great tutors, our Board have agreed to increase tutor pay to £20 to plan and deliver an hour’s high-quality tutoring session, which means our tutors will now receive a minimum of £300 for every assignment of 15 hours.

The Board have also agreed several other incentives to support our tutors.  These include:

  • A one-off bonus of £20 when tutors complete their first assignment of 2021/22.
  • A one-off bonus of £100 for all tutors who complete at least 30 hours of tutoring this academic year (equivalent to two completed assignments of 15 sessions each).
  • A monthly prize draw for all tutors who have completed an assignment (i.e. at least 12 of the full 15 hours); the prize will be £100 and the draws will commence immediately.

We really value our tutors and all the great work they’re doing to transform young people’s lives, and we want to be able to continue to support all those young people who need access to a great tutor. The pay increases sit alongside our other benefits for tutors, including ongoing access to tutorials, and continuing professional development and training to enable them to deliver high-quality tutoring.

If you’d like to learn new skills and help transform young people’s lives, we'd love to hear from you - find out how you can train to tutor with us.