Wednesday afternoon saw a great joint CPD event take place with representatives from The Tutor Trust and our Corporate partner PwC. We were excited and thankful that PwC hosted this event in their new office building in Manchester. This was a great opportunity for our Tutors to learn from the ‘Number One Employer’ on the ‘Times Top 100’.

The event was opened by our Quality Managers Matt Wallis and Jenny Muter with several activities for the tutors. They were encouraged to talk about what skills they had gained through The Tutor Trust and what skills they still wish to improve upon.

This was followed with an amazing interactive presentation led by PwC’s Northern Student Recruitment Manager Katherine Bond. This started with a game called Verbal Ping Pong, where tutors were split into groups of two and alternated stating skills they believed were vital for a career and what employers would look for. This was followed with similar exercises that were focused on specific competencies that PwC, and other employers, look for in an applicant. The session finished with tutors being able to lead their own mock interview questions to each other.

Tutors running Mock Interviews

Our tutors certainly enjoyed the session. Alexandra Powell, one of our Maths Tutors, said that,

“The evening last night was really helpful and was a great opportunity to get some insight from the employer's perspective into what they look for when hiring, and it really emphasised to me just how beneficial having worked for The Tutor Trust will be going forward into the world of work. Overall a really worthwhile and valuable event.”

We had another tutor attending, Rebecca Brown, who is in the middle of applying for a summer internship with PwC and she also thought this was a great event.

“It was really helpful to learn how tutoring can help with interviews. This was also a great chance for networking and I managed to speak to Rachel Beattie, a PwC Actuary, who gave me really good recommendations for the Internship application. We even planned to continue this discussion later. This was definitely the best CPD event I have attended.”

Rachel Beattie is actually one of our former Primary Tutors and it was great to see her again and to see that she is doing so well.