We are delighted to announce the appointment of five new Trustees, specialists in the education sector, who join the Tutor Trust Board on 10th September, strengthening and diversifying it as we approach our 10th anniversary.

The five are (from left to right):


  • Dame Kathy August, former Principal of the first City Academy in the North-West (Manchester Academy) and a former non-executive director of Ofsted. She is an Independent Consultant in Education, School Leadership and Strategic Improvement,
  • Louise Banahene MBE, Director of Educational Engagement at University of Leeds,
  • Martin Hanbury, Chief Executive Officer at Chatsworth Multi Academy Trust, Salford,
  • Phil Lloyd, Executive Principal for Northern Schools Trust at North Liverpool Academy and
  • Helen Pratten, Co-Chief Executive Officer for Abbey Multi Academy Trust, Leeds.

They were recruited in a rigorous application and interview process with support from the executive search firm Peridot. Pannone Corporate in Manchester generously gave pro bono support around the process.

The new Trustees have been warmly welcomed by Chair of the Tutor Trust Board Pete McIntyre and current trustees Lucy Crompton, Mike Emmerich and Jonathan Nuttall, and retiring Trustees Jim Lister and Brendan Murden.  Pete thanked Jim and Brendan, as their terms of office come to an end, for their invaluable support and insight over the last four years.  Jim remains on the Board whilst we seek to appoint a new Trustee with legal experience.

Pete, the Financial Services Director for the Manchester-based software company Planixs, said the arrival of the new recruits strengthened the existing Board still further, helping set a clear direction of travel for the organisation as it moves into its second decade.

“Tutor Trust exists to transform lives through tutoring and to make a positive impact on the educational achievements and aspirations of the young people with whom we work.  What the Trust has achieved in the last 10 years has been truly awe-inspiring – it is, for example, the only tutoring organisation with gold-standard evidence of impact following a large-scale Randomised Control Trial. What it achieved this past year, in a period of uncertainty, has been phenomenal, and the Trust has continued to support pupils across the North, despite massive COVID disruption.

Our new Trustees join Tutor Trust at an exciting time as we approach our 10th anniversary and look ahead to the next decade. Our ambition is to develop our existing school partnerships and to forge new ones so that we extend our reach to even more young people who need the support of a highly-trained tutor. We are in great shape for the journey ahead.”

Nick Bent, CEO of Tutor Trust and Co-Founder, and Abigail Shapiro, Executive Director and Co-Founder, said the new arrivals would make a significant impact: “We are hugely grateful for our Board’s continuing leadership and support and we are delighted to welcome five more highly-skilled and qualified individuals to the team.  They bring a wealth of experience and knowledge of the education sector and we are honoured that they wish to serve with Tutor Trust. 

“Thanks to our partnership with the National Tutoring Programme, we have provided tuition to more than 5,700 pupils this past year – which is double the number of any previous year – and want to continue to build on that, so that we’re reaching more pupils who need the support of a great tutor. 

“We’re looking forward to continuing to work with our Board to shape the direction of travel as we look to diversify and develop further over the next decade.”

Read more about each of the Trustees.