Tutor Trust have completed tutor recruitment for the 2019/20 academic year. This week marked the end of our Winter recruitment round, which lasts from January to March; we are delighted to have welcomed more new tutors to our organisation than in any recruitment round previously. Over 550 people applied for vacancies across Liverpool, Leeds and Greater Manchester in this recent round of recruitment, resulting in 176 successful candidates joining us as tutors. 

This has also been our most successful academic year for tutor recruitment. In total, we received 1152 applications since September 2019, which is the most of any academic year since we began in 2011.  

The tutor recruitment process is rigorous and ensures only the very best candidates are successful. Of all the people that applied during the last recruitment round, only 26% were invited to training. We have very strict criteria for those wishing to work with us, which we know will guarantee high quality standards. 

For this recruitment round we had a large number of Brand Ambassadors working with us to assist with online and on-campus advertising. Our Ambassadors represented us at careers fairs, employer presentations, in student communities and on social media, working over 150 hours to help us promote the Tutor Trust brand to as large an audience as possible. We’re proud of how they’ve represented our charity over the past month. 

Brand Ambassadors at university stall

Brand Ambassador Emma Seton, a tutor studying English Language at the University of Manchester, said this of her time helping with recruitment:  

“Through this work I was able to gain a depth of understanding about the Tutor Trust and the importance of recruiting Tutors to continue to implement its mission – ‘transform lives through tuition’.” 

After the application and interview process, successful candidates are invited to take part in our tutor training programme so they can specialise in a subject and age group to tutor. Tutors have trained in Secondary English, Maths and Science, as well as Primary English and Maths. Some tutors received additional training to work with more vulnerable young people, such as Looked After Children and those in Alternative Provision. Our training process lasts a minimum of 2.5 days to ensure tutors are prepared for working in schools.  

We spoke to some of the new recruits about their experience of joining Tutor Trust. Dempster Fawden, who studies Religion and Theology at the University of Leeds, said that he “found out about the Tutor Trust at a careers fair in my University Students Union. I was immediately keen to get involved and was particularly excited by the prospect of going into schools and hopefully making a genuine impact on students and their futures." 

Zeenia Naqvee, who studies English at the University of Liverpool, said this:  

“I heard about Tutor Trust through my course mates and loved the unique charitable cause. I saw it as a great way to develop young people’s lives whilst reinforcing my own English skills, as an English undergraduate.

"The interview process was fun and helped build my confidence for similar scenarios I may encounter in the future.” 

This increase in tutors means we will reach even more disadvantaged children and young people in the North. We are eager for them to start working in their respective cities, applying all the knowledge they’ve picked up in training and being a supportive influence for the pupils they work with. 

We’d like to thank our partner universities and the staff in their careers services that helped us reach as many undergraduates as possible and achieve this recruitment success.  

Tutor Trust are excited to have so many new recruits working with us and seeing them have a vital impact on the outcomes of schoolchildren in Liverpool, Leeds and Manchester. The success of this recruitment round will enhance our work for the rest of the academic year and will enable us to transform more lives through tuition. 


Note: if there are any current tutors interested in becoming a Brand Ambassador and assisting us with future recruitment, please email [email protected]