Following the announcement about Tutor Trust’s online tuition pilot earlier this week, we are delighted to launch Tutor Trust Tutorials; our online training development to support our tutors' professional growth and tuition skills.

Tutors who work with Tutor Trust are rigorously recruited and trained over 2.5 days which ensures that every tuition session delivered is high quality and impactful. In addition, we offer a programme of CPD (Continued Professional Development) events which run throughout the academic year to give tutors a chance to develop their skills, improve their confidence and become a better tutor so they deliver the best quality tuition possible. We were disappointed that we could not continue our face-to-face CPD programme this year, but still wanted to provide opportunities for tutors to develop professionally.

In response, we are creating and publishing a series of video tutorials for our tutors to access from their own homes. The tutorials will cover different topics delivered by the Tutor Trust team, including former teachers and tutors. This will be available on the charity’s YouTube channel for any tutors sent the relevant link.

The Tutor Trust Tutorials will cover much of the same material as our planned CPD events, like our ‘Working with Vulnerable Children CPD’, as well as brand new topics including ‘Maths Mastery’ and ‘Improving Student Engagement’. 

Each tutorial will give tutors the same information and advice that they would receive at a CPD event in person. Although the interactive element of usual CPDs will be reduced, we believe these video alternatives will be as informative and useful for tutors as ever.

The tutorials will last approximately 30 minutes inclusive of reflection and tasks, and will each be provided by a different member of the Tutor Trust team. They will offer tutors useful professional knowledge for developing confidence and techniques in all aspects of their roles.

At the end of every video, tutors will be asked to complete a short feedback form. This will encourage tutors to reflect on what they have learnt during the tutorial and will count towards their Advanced Tutor score. There will be details about this at the end of every session and if you would like to know more about our Advanced Tutor Pathway, contact Emily Parkes at this address: [email protected]

Given the challenging circumstances we find ourselves in, it is as important as ever that we continue to engage and upskill our cohort of excellent tutors; we still want to support our tutors as much as possible in their roles.

Our first video was provided by full time tutor Charley Hembrow. Charley worked as a Maths tutor in Liverpool and Manchester whilst studying Maths and Economics at the University of Liverpool. He is now a full time tutor working on our Right Angle Project with pupils in Alternative Provision. Charley’s ‘Online Tuition’ tutorial offers guidance for delivering high quality tuition sessions. Charley said this about the tutorial video:

"Our first online tuition tutorial will help prepare tutors to maximise engagement, behaviour and efficiency when transitioning over to the online medium. Following the guidelines set out in the video will ensure tutors are able to replicate the fantastic work practiced in schools."