We’re delighted to share our Impact Report which we’re publishing today. The report builds on our 10th anniversary issue of last year, and we hope you find the content interesting and compelling. The highlights from 2021/2022 are that:

  • We reached 6,730 pupils last year, of which,
  • 2,904 were primary pupils, and,
  • 3,826 were secondary pupils, and,
  • We supported 185 pupils through our specialist Tutoring Plus service.
  • We worked in 198 schools, of which,
  • 111 were primary schools, and,
  • 87 were secondary schools.
  • 65% of pupils received Pupil Premium,
  • We had 72% pupil attendance,
  • At GCSE, Tutor Trust’s disadvantaged tutees did significantly better than disadvantaged pupils nationally, and the gap was even larger when compared with disadvantaged pupils across the 18 local authorities in which we operate.
  • Sixty per cent of our tutees achieved a Grade of 4 or higher in Maths, compared to 53% of disadvantaged pupils nationally, and 50% in our regions.
  • In English, 66% of our tutees gained a Grade 4 or more, while nationally that figure was 62%, and regionally it was 60%.
  • In Science, a huge 81% of our tutees achieved a Grade 4 or higher, compared with 51% of disadvantaged pupils nationally and 47% in our regions.
  • Our Year 6 tutees made, on average, seven scaled score points of progress in their SATs, and,
  • Low starting attainers made the most progress, averaging ten scaled score points of progress.
  • We also recruited some 401 individuals, in the main students and graduates from our local universities, to train to tutor with us, giving them vital skills to take into their future careers.
  • And, really pleasingly, almost all schools – 98% – who completed our school partner survey, would recommend Tutor Trust to another school.

Co-Founders Nick Bent, Chief Executive, and Abigail Shapiro, Executive Director, said:

In last year’s Impact Report, we were able to take stock of our successes over the last 10 years as we celebrated our milestone birthday. This year we have built on that, letting the facts speak for themselves to demonstrate the impact our tutors are having in schools.

"We set up Tutor Trust to fulfil a mission to transform lives through tutoring, and the stories we are sharing demonstrate that we continue to do just that.”

Some other highlights shared include:

  • The results of a second successful Randomised Control Trial which were published in June. This RCT makes us unique in the UK education sector in having successful results from two RCTs to our name. (Ofsted referenced our gold standard evidence of impact shown in our first RCT, commissioned by the Education Endowment Foundation, in their recent independent review of tutoring in schools.)
  • A report from ImpactEd showed that The Right Angle project, a collaboration between us and sister charity, TLC: Talk Listen, Change, has real impact.
  • Our partnership with The Prince’s Trust is thriving, supporting the most marginalised young people to succeed by combining tuition with practical life skills,
  • Our Transition Project is smoothing the step from Primary to Secondary school for pupils in East Salford, seeing them supported with tuition through the Summer Term of Year 6 and into the Autumn Term of Year 7, in their new school,
  • We’re partnered with the University of Liverpool Maths School to deliver the MESME project, to support the Maths stars of the future.
  • And, late last year, we launched our new schools’ portal, Insight, which gives almost real-time data on tuition sessions for our school partners,
  • In May we opened our new Leeds-Bradford office in the heart of Leeds city centre and, in June, held our first Summer Reception in three years, to celebrate our 10th anniversary. At this event, Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell, President and Vice-Chancellor of The University of Manchester, awarded Tutor Trust with a commemorative plaque: ‘In recognition of valued partnership in teacher education’.

Since September, we’ve seen growing interest from schools for tuition, as we’re a recognised Tuition Partner of the National Tutoring Programme for the third year running. From the beginning of the Autumn Term, more than 1,750 young people have started tuition with us.  And we are working on growing this number over this year and subsequent years, as we deliver our ambitious Three Year Plan. 

If you’re a school leader and would like to know more about how we might work together, please contact your local team: Greater Manchester: [email protected], Leeds-Bradford: [email protected] or Merseyside: [email protected].