Every year, The Tutor Trust invite tutors to complete an online survey to get a sense of how the tutoring experience has been and what we could to do improve it.

The responses this year showed that tutor satisfaction has been universally high and the feedback overwhelmingly positive. An impressive 96.9% of our tutors described their experience of working with The Tutor Trust as either ‘excellent’ or ‘good’, making us confident that tuition is not just beneficial to the pupils receiving the sessions, but to those carrying them out as well.

Working with The Tutor Trust has appeared to have a positive impact on how tutors felt about working in education and further applying their teaching experience in their careers. Although 10% already intended to teach before joining us, 67% of tutors say that being a tutor had made them more likely to go into teaching.

Tutors also took the opportunity in the survey to share some of their most memorable and gratifying moments from the year. Below are some examples:

“Seeing improvements in a group of 3 boys who initially struggled to engage with lessons or complete their work. By the end they were enthusiastically writing full paragraphs for me to mark.”

“A student finally passing their Functional Skills English exam after the third attempt. It was a very happy moment for both the student and myself. I had worked with this student in the last academic year on their reading and then focused especially hard with the writing and finally got their pass.”

“Winning tutor of the month – I felt proud of myself but also appreciated for my efforts!”

After another year of success and improvements for The Tutor Trust, it’s great to know our tutors are still enjoying their work!