With the second academic term well underway, we at The Tutor Trust couldn’t be more pleased with how well our EEF Evaluation has been going.  Every member of the office team – across both Manchester and Leeds – have been working hard and celebrating the results that the EEF milestones bring – from securing 106 schools to take part in the project, to getting tuition set up in the 53 ‘Intervention’ group schools, we are now finally getting to see tuition underway in a vast number of schools, with the load of Primary school tuition that we oversee here at The Tutor Trust doubled in the space of two months.

EEF tuition is currently taking place in 42 schools across Greater Manchester and Leeds, delivering Maths tuition to over 530 Year 6 pupils.  We’ve been delighted to see the quality of tuition going on in EEF – certainly if our Leeds Coordinator Funmi Stewart is anything to go by: “I’m really happy to have so many EEF assignments up and running already.  From reading the weekly feedback forms from tutors and speaking to my contacts in school, I’m pleased to say that everything seems to be going brilliantly so far and am excited to see the results once the trial is complete.  It’s great to have so many tutors, old and new, taking part in such an important project and I’m happy to have the pleasure of working with them all”.

With 70 tutors working on brand new EEF schools, we’ve launched an exciting new programme of 'CPD' events for Year 6 Maths, run by our Quality Manager Matt Wallis.  So far we’ve run four of these events in Leeds and Manchester, and they have been equipping tutors with top lesson planning skills and a refresher on Year 6 Maths knowledge.  Matt’s sessions are engaging and fun for the tutors, and give them that extra boost of confidence and capability to deliver the highest quality of tuition possible.  They all seem to really enjoy the evening event, with comments on the feedback forms saying “This really helped me top up my knowledge and time my Maths tuition sessions better – thank you!”.

Now that tuition is set up in so many schools, Quality Management will begin, with Primary coordinators Funmi, Beth and Su working alongside Matt to monitor lesson plans, organise Quality Support Meetings with tutors, and go into schools to observe some tuition in action, and this is what all the staff seem to be most excited by.  Beth Farrell, Deputy Primary Coordinator says: “I can’t wait to go into schools and finally observe some of the tuition that we have been setting up earlier this academic year taking place.  I’m very excited that, after all the introductory meetings and tutor recruitment, I will now be able to see all of this work come to fruition.”.

With a further 11 schools yet to commence tuition in the coming months, the EEF study is currently thriving – and we can’t wait to see the results!