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Welcome to our brand-new website!

Today marks an important day for Tutor Trust and a big milestone in the digital transformation project that we began a year ago – our new look website, created by our partners at Fat Beehive, is now live! We hope that you enjoy taking a look around and find it easy and intuitive to use.  


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What's new?

The website has been designed to be attractive and accessible. Our new colour palette, which combines lots of bright colour accents alongside our Tutor Trust blue, is one that we feel better represents our brand, vision and values. Accessibility is at the heart of the design, with the website achieving AA+ accessibility standards and optimised for users on mobile devices. 

Two things that we’re really excited about are our new interactive tools for tutors and schools who are interested in working with us. For tutors, we have a calculator which shows how much they could potentially earn if they were to work with us. For schools, we have a calculator which shows how much a tutoring programme with us could cost, based on the number of pupils and tutoring groups that you would like us to work with.  

The new website is the first phase of our exciting digital development project. We’re scoping out how we can build on the website to create not only an improved, integrated digital platform for our tutors but also a new digital platform for our tutees and families, allowing learning with Tutor Trust to continue outside of tutoring sessions.

“Our new website acts as the perfect ‘shop window’ for Tutor Trust, bringing to life our brand and values and conveying our commitment to put young people at the heart of everything we do. Based on user need, our website is easy to navigate, with useful and relevant information for schools, tutors, tutees and their families. Our brand new, interactive calculators for tutors and schools provide accurate and instant information which we think will be well received by both groups.”
Jenny Muter, Tutor Trust’s Director of Impact

Please do let us know what you think of our new website, and don’t forget to stay up to date with what’s happening at Tutor Trust by regularly checking our news section

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