Every month, individuals keen to make a difference in their local community complete their application form to apply to train as tutors with us.

In each recruitment round, students and graduates, individuals who may be mid-career and want a more fulfilling role, and those who have trained as teachers and want to use their skills in a different way, apply to us.  

We welcome all applications from motivated individuals. No previous experience is necessary as, with our rigorous recruitment process, and a high-quality, intensive training programme, those who do make the grade are more than ready to deliver small group tuition.  And whilst the majority of our applicants are students or new graduates looking for a flexible, rewarding role, we also receive a number of applications from Qualified Teachers keen to use their skills with smaller groups.

We currently have seven Qualified Tutors who have recently completed our new bespoke fast-track training with us. A further 11 Qualified Teachers, who have tutored with us previously, are returning to tutor with us this year. 

We have a further 14 QTs on our staff team, supporting tutors to deliver high-quality sessions.

Newly qualified teacher Joseph Oscroft has just completed his training with us and is looking forward to starting work in school again.  During his PGCE training at the University of Manchester, Joseph was on placement in schools in Lymm and Bury, teaching Science and Chemistry. He enjoyed engaging with his pupils to support their learning – but found it frustrating when he didn’t have the opportunity to enable all in a class of 36 to reach their potential.

“I got upset that I had to leave some students behind as I had to keep pushing to advanced.  I felt like I wasn’t giving enough to the students who needed it – it was a real challenge

I could relate so much to the students, and it was this kind of issue that made me want to become a tutor. At one placement I didn’t know the students very well at all, and I know how much more helpful it would have been to know them better and to know what level they were at.”

Joseph had studied a First Class Integrated Masters in Chemistry at Manchester Metropolitan University and graduated in 2020. Whilst there, he had his first taste of tutoring, supporting fellow students who had been away during term-time and needed to catch up.  He also supported students who had English as a second language.

I really enjoyed it.  If they didn’t understand parts of it, we could just go back.  I could make the pace fit them,” he says.

Following on from his degree, he spent a year working for Track and Trace before going back to do his teacher training at Manchester Metropolitan University.

He’s looking forward to getting to know his students in small groups and is looking forward to making resources to make learning fun and memorable for his tutees. “I’ve made videos before and I love trying to find other resources online – like microscopic images of tapeworms – and using real life examples of what I’m tutoring.”

He adds: “I’m really looking forward to getting back into the classroom to share my enthusiasm!”

If you’d like to make a big impact on learning in your local community, and want a rewarding, flexible role, please apply! Whether you have had experience tutoring or teaching, or not, we’d love to hear from you.  Find out more on our website.