Watch out for our familiar blue hoodies on a campus near you this week as we spread the word about the great opportunities for students and graduates to tutor with us.

Come and say hello to find out more about the benefits of working flexibly as a tutor – it fits easily alongside your studies – and how you’ll be helping to transform young people’s lives across Greater Manchester, Leeds-Bradford and Merseyside. And we have interviews scheduled for next week – so book your slot soon!

You can catch us this week and next at:

  • University of Salford Careers Fair tomorrow (1 February)
  • University of Bradford next Tuesday (8 February)
  • We’re at the Liverpool John Moores University’s Summer Work Fair on 9 February and,
  • We have a stall at University of Manchester on 10 February, and,
  • We're at the University of Manchester’s Engineering Building from 10am to 3pm on 15 February.

We’re also around the campuses on other days too – keep your eyes peeled for our striking blue tops and do say hello!

Speak to one of the team to find out all about:

The great pay and incentives

  • We offer a very competitive rate of pay – a minimum of £20 (£27 for Qualified Teachers) to plan and deliver a tutoring session.
  • Each tutor receives a minimum of £300 (£405 for QTs) for every standard assignment of 15 hours. This applies to all face-to-face and online sessions.
  • A one-off bonus of £20 when you complete your first assignment of 2021/22. You are eligible for this one-off bonus once you have completed the first session of your first assignment this academic year. 
  • A one-off bonus of £100 for all tutors who complete at least 30 hours of tutoring this academic year (equivalent to two completed assignments of 15 sessions each).
  • A monthly prize draw for all tutors who have completed an assignment (i.e. at least 12 of the full 15 hours); the prize will be £100. Later in the year, as we have more and more assignments coming to an end, we will make these prize draws fortnightly or even weekly.

The job satisfaction

  • Our tutors love working with Tutor Trust and find the work hugely rewarding.
  • Your tutoring is flexible – you can apply for assignments that suit you and fit with your studies or other commitments.

The personal skills you’ll gain . . .

  • You’ll develop a variety of interpersonal skills such as communication and relationship building as you will be working with schools, students and staff at Tutor Trust.
  • We give you brilliant initial training and ongoing support, as well as personal development events to enhance your skills.

. . . And the skills you’ll develop for your future career

  • You will gain fantastic experience working with schools and young people that is invaluable not just for teaching, but for any career.
  • You’ll gain workplace skills such as leadership, planning, and time management, as you will be responsible for planning and delivering the tutoring sessions for students.
  • You’ll develop transferable skills which will look great on your CV and help you with your future career.
  • You’ll also have the chance to be part of our 'Advanced Tutor Pathway' and will receive an endorsement from us on LinkedIn, a voucher of your choice and be prioritised for certain assignments.

We look forward to meeting you soon!