We know our tutors do stellar work in supporting and encouraging young people to achieve their potential in their studies.  We know too that our tutors are driven by a desire to create impact in their local communities and are passionate about the need to democratise education.

We know that what our tutors do is special, and we believe that they should be appropriately rewarded for their talents – which is why we’re delighted to announce that we are increasing the pay for all our tutors, from the newly-trained to those who have previously worked as Qualified Teachers!

We now pay our tutors a minimum of £21 (£24 or £28.50 for Qualified Teachers, dependent on experience) to plan and deliver a session. This means that:

  • Each tutor receives a minimum of £315 (£360 or £427.50 for QTs, dependent on experience) for every standard assignment of 15 hours. This applies to all face-to-face and online sessions.

We also offer:

  • A one-off bonus of £20 for tutors when they complete their first tuition session of 2022/2023.
  • A one-off bonus of £100 for all tutors who complete at least 30 hours of tutoring this academic year (equivalent to two completed assignments of 15 sessions each). 

We’re also building our tutor community and will be rolling out the Guild platform, which is purpose built for professional communities to ‘connect, communicate and collaborate’.  The app will make it even easier for our tutors to access high quality support, as they will be able to connect with our teams through their mobile phone. It will also enable them to communicate with fellow tutors.  By developing and supporting our tutor community, we will continue to grow our reach, meaning we can transform even more lives through tutoring.

And 2022/2023 has already got off to a flying start.  Our school partners have been quick off the mark to secure tutoring for some 2,000 young people in schools across the Greater Manchester, Leeds-Bradford and Merseyside city regions, and we’ve not yet completed the first month of term!

To meet this extraordinary demand we are ramping up our recruitment to attract even more motivated individuals to train to become tutors with us. We are looking for individuals who share our values and there is no requirement for previous experience – although qualified teachers are always welcome to apply – as we will provide all training, absolutely free.

Whilst the pay is competitive, we know that helping deliver #TheMagicofTuition is just as important.

Just recently, two of our tutors have been compelled to share their experiences on LinkedIn. One of our longest-serving tutors, Francesca, shared the progress one tutee had made, not only in passing his GCSE exams in the subjects that she tutored him in, but in achieving the highest possible marks in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. She wrote:

“This is particularly excellent news as before the tuition sessions started, the student was achieving below the pass mark in Maths and Science and disliked both subjects – all of which have been reversed!

Thank you to Tutor Trust for all the work you do in helping to change students’ lives across the North of England. I look forward to starting my 7th year of tutoring.”

Tutor Jody also posted in similar vein: “It has been rewarding to be a part of Tutor Trust this year and help pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds with their English and Maths subjects.

Over 30 hours of tutoring and there is nothing more delightful than hearing headteachers tell us that their Year 6 pupils have improved massively and felt better equipped for their SATs.

“The education attainment gap is still prevalent in the UK, with such inequalities lasting beyond school years.  Tutor Trust is an amazing initiative that offers a chance for everyone to succeed, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to make a difference.”

Thanks, Francesca and Jody! We love our tutors’ enthusiasm for their work and the difference they’re making.

If you’d like to be a part of our continuing success story, visit our web page [How to apply | The Tutor Trust] or drop in to one of our ‘Find out more’ Zoom sessions this month [Meeting Registration - Zoom].