We are pleased to have featured in an article appearing in the Yorkshire Evening Post and Yorkshire Post covering our online tutoring work at Dixons Trinity Chapeltown, one of our partner schools in Leeds. 

The paper met with Ashley Jacobs, Vice Principal of the school, to discuss how Dixons Trinity Chapeltown has responded to the lockdown from March, which meant most pupils were unable to access their normal face-to-face learning. Tutor Trust are credited for our online tutoring work at the school and the positive impact it has already had.

Co-founder Abigail Shapiro also spoke to the paper and commented on the importance of Tutor Trust’s work in helping those pupils catch up that have been out of school for so long:

“There is already a huge gap. Slow progress has been made, but we need to make sure that progress isn’t reversed and that young people are not deprived of the opportunity to achieve their potential.

“There will be a big catch up job to do, and that will become even more evident with our disadvantaged young people due to differences over access to equipment and tutoring. We are working with schools to do everything we can.”

We have been working with Dixons Trinity Chapeltown since May, when we launched our first pilot of online tutoring. Through the pilot, we have provided six partner schools with tutors to work with pupils in need of remote learning. Our tutors are supporting 15 pupils at Dixons Trinity Chapeltown in Maths and English.

Mr Jacobs described our work as “a real asset for schools, with tailored tutoring and really detailed notes on exactly what they are doing and what is needed to support them.”

You can read the full article from the Yorkshire Evening Post here, or the Yorkshire Post article here.