To measure impact, we use:

  • The monitoring procedures outlined in 'Monitoring quality' (e.g. lesson observations); the data this monitoring provides is evidence relating to the quality of tuition.
  • School impact data; this provides evidence of how much progress students who receive tuition make during their time with tutors which informs us of the impact our tutors have on that progress.
  • Progress Review Meetings/End of Year Review meetings; these are held with school staff and The Tutor Trust and provide evidence about the quality of tuition during - and at the end of - tuition.  Strengths are celebrated and recommendations are implemented so that tuition can be improved.
  • Feedback forms; all trainers and tutors complete a feedback form to evaluate the training sessions before tuition begins and the CPD sessions during tuition.  This provides the Quality Manager with evidence of the impact of training and CPD and what changes need to be implemented to improve future training and CPD sessions.
  • The Tutor Survey; tutors complete this at the end of every academic year and provides evidence of what impact The Tutor Trust has had on tutors' expectations of tuition and their future after graduating from university.