To measure impact, we use:

  • The monitoring procedures outlined in 'Monitoring quality' (e.g. lesson observations); the data this monitoring provides is evidence relating to the quality of tuition.
  • School impact data; this provides evidence of how much progress pupils make during their time with tutors, as measured against an agreed benchmark (this may be a mock exam, a teacher assessment or a previous public test such as KS1 SATS).  We also gather contextual data about pupil demographics and, of course, end-point data on pupils’ attainment at the end of tuition assignments (usually KS2 SATS results or GCSE results).  Tutors are obliged to complete pupil registers at every tuition session, so we can keep track of the ‘dosage’ of tuition each pupil receives.  This allows us to produce more sophisticated impact data.   
  • Progress Review Meetings/End of Year Review meetings; these are held with school staff and The Tutor Trust and provide evidence about the quality of tuition during - and at the end of - tuition.  Strengths are celebrated and recommendations are implemented so that tuition can be improved.
  • Feedback forms; all trainers and tutors complete feedback forms at the end of every training session.  This applies to the main training programme before tutors do any work for us and to the various CPD sessions that take place, including the mandatory ‘refresher’ training for tutors at the start of each new academic year.  This detailed feedback provides the Quality Team with evidence of the impact of training and CPD and with ideas for what changes need to be implemented to improve future training and CPD sessions.
  • The Tutor Survey and the Teacher Survey; at the end of each academic year, we ask all our tutors and all our partner teachers and school leaders to complete a comprehensive survey that covers every aspect of our tuition services.  These surveys explicitly ask for suggestions for improvements for the following academic year.  We get a very high rate of returns on these surveys and they provide a huge amount of very detailed intelligence for our whole team.  We also gain valuable insights into what careers our tutors are planning once they graduate, and with every new cohort of tutors we see greater numbers intending to go into teaching.