A tutor smiles at a pupil as they work together on a topic for reading.

Our impact

We are deeply committed to evidence-based practice and to ensuring every hour a tutor spends with a young person has a positive impact on attainment, confidence and enjoyment of learning. We are unique in the UK in having positive results from two randomised control trials.

Our impact

A tutor works with two pupils in a Maths session

Our 2023 Impact Report

Our 2023 Impact Report showcases the real-life stories and projects behind our successes in the last academic year

Three young pupils are working hard in a session, with one showing their work to the tutor.

Creating impactful tuition programmes

We continually seek to learn 'what works' with tutoring and, with over ten years experience, we've amassed a range of knowledge. We collect and analyse a wide range of data and views in order to help us understand the impact of our tutoring programmes,…

A young pupil points at a laptop in a lesson with her tutor.

Our RCT evidence

We are unique in the UK education sector in having successful results from two Randomised Control Trials to our name. These findings inform all our work.

A tutor in a yellow jumper wearing dungarees is explaining a document to a young boy wearing blue glasses.

Real-life stories

Interested in what tutoring looks like in a school or college and the difference it can make to young people? These real-life stories showcase the experiences of our education provider partners in collaborating with us to offer high-quality, high-impact…

A male tutor with black hair and glasses, wearing a blue jumper, is leaning over a desk. Two primary aged pupils, a boy and a girl, wearing dark blue school jumpers are holding pencils and writing in exercise books. Everyone is smiling.

Our impact in primary schools

Our primary school programmes have a very strong evidence base, with a large-scale randomised control trial conducted by the Education Endowment Foundation finding that Year 6 pupils receiving maths tutoring from Tutor Trust made three months; additional…

To the left of the photo is a male secondary school-aged pupil wearing a dark blazer. He is turned away from the camera and sat at a desk. To the right is a female tutor with long blonde hair wearing a blue sweater. On the middle of the desk is an open laptop.

Our impact in secondary schools

We have been supporting secondary school pupils for over a decade to make accelerated progress and have strong evidence of the impact that our work can make.

A primary school-aged boy wearing a grey school jumper is sat at a desk. He is writing with a pen on a sheet of paper and concentrating hard.

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