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Tutoring Plus

Our Tutoring Plus offer consists of a range of 1:1 programmes that combine academic support with a focus on the whole child. Tutoring Plus programmes are open to all and most commonly used to support cared for children, those attending alternative provision and those persistently absent from school. 

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1:1 tutoring with a difference

We know that for some young people, 1:1 tutoring is more appropriate than small group support. This is particularly the case for those who may face additional challenges, whether it's attending alternative provision, involvement with the social care system, poor physical or mental health, or low attendance at school. 

Our suite of Tutoring Plus programmes combine 1:1 academic support with other provision to boost confidence, life skills, or social and emotional wellbeing. These young people already face more challenges than their classmates, including having more complex needs and learning gaps due to missing school.

We are currently working with ImpactEd to evaluate the impact of our Tutoring Plus programmes on young people's attainment, confidence and wellbeing. 


Tutoring has helped me in many different ways. There is the most obvious ways like teaching me things I have had difficulty learning in the past or even recently. Every session I have been able to count on my tutor to come...I have made a special bond with my tutor.
Young person receiving 1:1 tutoring through Tutoring Plus

Our Tutoring Plus programmes

For those just wanting 1:1 academic support for pupils, particularly those who may have substantial learning gaps from having missed school, we offer 1:1 programmes with our trained Tutoring Plus tutors. 1:1 Tutoring Plus tutoring is available to pupils in primary and secondary school across Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire and Merseyside. We also work with some young people post-16, particularly those resitting GCSE exams.

In addition to this, we offer some more tailored programmes that combine academic support with a focus on emotional support, mentoring or life skills. Read on to find our more about the options available.
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The Prince's Trust Achieve

Our partnership with The Prince's Trust enables us to offer high-quality tutoring alongside their 'Achieve' programme, in which young people develop key personal, social and life skills.

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The Right Angle

Delivered in partnership with sister charity TLC: Talk, Listen, Change, The Right Angle is a fully-funded, award-winning programme offering tutoring and counselling to young people in Greater Manchester.

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Time for Me

Our new 'Time for Me' programme combines academic support with focused mentoring to guide young people to develop positive learning habits.

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