The Tutor Trust are delighted to announce our partnership with Teenage Cancer Trust.

We first began working alongside Teenage Cancer Trust in September 2018 with the aim of offering academic support to young people that have suffered from cancer, either before, during or after their treatment.  We now have two young people receiving tuition as part of this project and we are delighted with the feedback that we have received so far.

Steph was the first young person to receive tutoring as part of this project.  She left school with no GCSEs and has been out of education for over 12 years.

Aimee Nicole Dag, Steph’s tutor, is delivering weekly tuition sessions with the aim for her to achieve her English Language and Maths GCSEs this summer.  Aimee thoroughly enjoys her tuition sessions with Steph, telling us that:

“During Steph’s sessions I have seen a noticeable difference in her knowledge of both subjects and in the standard of work she is producing.  In addition to her academic progress, her confidence has grown enormously, she has become more confident in her ability and is a lot more motivated to work towards her GCSE’s to gain a place on a college course in the near future.  Being part of this project is immensely rewarding and Steph is such an inspiring young lady.  I am thrilled to be part of such a beneficial project and hope to continue this work with many other students in similar positions in the future.”

Regarding her tuition, Steph said:

“The Tutor Trust is helping me to get GCSEs that I missed out on when I was younger.  It's also improving my self-esteem and confidence.  I was nervous at first but after trying it I'm really enjoying learning new things again and hoping to eventually go to college and get a job.  The sessions are flexible and helpful, which let me go at my own pace of learning, this makes me feel more relaxed and in control so I'm not as anxious.  I highly recommend anyone to try for themselves and just give it a go!”

Lorraine Wright, Teenage Cancer Trust Youth Support Coordinator, works closely with The Tutor Trust for this project. She states that:

“The Tutor Trust have been amazing to work with.  They have been so accommodating of our requests and referrals.  The team are very dedicated to ensuring young people have access to a tutor to help them on in life; with their careers and dreams.  They couldn’t have been more understanding of the group of young people we work with and have always ensured that their tutors and our patients are well informed and looked after.  The feedback from the young people has been incredible – they never thought they would have such an opportunity and it is changing their lives”.

We are extremely proud of our partnership with Teenage Cancer Trust and hope to continue academically supporting young people that are affected by cancer.