Tutor Trust has a Tutor Referral Scheme as a means of rewarding tutors who tell their friends about us.

We are proud of the fact that many of our tutors find out about us through their friends’ recommendations. Our referral scheme incentivises tutors to share our information and rewards those who persuade their peers to apply to work with us.

How it works

If your friends decide they would like to apply, make sure they reference your name in the "Where did you hear about this vacancy?" section. We will take note of all the tutor names we see from submitted applications, then one name will be randomly selected to win a special prize! Winning tutors can have either a £10 voucher towards a retailer of their choice OR a Tutor Trust hoodie. If your friends get an application in sooner there will be fewer applications to compete with and they will have a better chance of winning, so please encourage them to apply as soon as possible.