If you are successful at interview, you will be invited to attend our programme of training. This may either be face to face on university campus and last 2 and half days, or, training may be delivered online lasting approximately 10 hours. If online, tutors are required to watch content via Thinqi – our learning platform – and attend live sessions too. All our training covers Safeguarding, high-quality tutoring and lesson planning to enable all tutors to plan and deliver fantastic tuition. Tutors are given subject specific training in either Secondary English, Maths or Science, or Primary Maths and English, so that they are confident with the relevant curriculum and tutoring techniques for their subject of preference. Attendance at face to face training – or the live sessions as part on online training – is compulsory.

Please ensure you are available on the following dates for training: 

General Training (all tutors are required to attend): 

Block 2: Pedagogy (live session): Wednesday 16th December 5pm - 6pm 

Block 3: Subject Specific Training (live session). Tutors only attend the subjects in which you are training for: 

Primary:  Wednesday 6th January 1pm – 3pm

Secondary English: Wednesday 6th January 10am - 12pm 

Secondary Maths:   Friday 8th January 1pm - 3pm

Secondary Science: Thursday 7th January 2pm - 4pm 

Alternative Provision / Looked After Children: Thursday 7th January 10am – 12pm

General Training (all tutors are required to attend): 

Block 4: Quality and Support (live session): Wednesday 13th  January 5pm - 6pm

If you are unable to attend any of the relevant dates (which are provided at interview) you will not be able to take on any assignments with us. The Tutor Trust is a registered charity and we cover all costs associated with the training at a cost to us of up to £200 per tutor, so we cannot afford to pay for tutors who are unable to attend.

Training is led by qualified teacher trainers who will equip you with the skills you will need to plan engaging tuition sessions whilst thoroughly briefing you on the national curriculum and the difficulties pupils have with the subject. Here is a rundown of what you can expect: