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There is a mass of evidence - academic and anecdotal - that a good tutor can make a big difference to a child's achievements, confidence and aspirations.  Tuition also rates highly on the EEF/Sutton Trust 'Teaching and Learning Toolkit'.  Great tutors should not be the exclusive preserve of pupils who have parents who can pay for private tutors at home, and extra tuition is a proven and respected way to spend Pupil Premium funds.

The Tutor Trust exists to 'democratise tuition' and support busy teachers.  We make great tutors available to state schools so that all pupils who need it get can get some extra help and achieve their potential.

We seek to achieve positive outcomes for all of the pupils we work with.  Every pupil is different and so the desired outcome can change from assignment to assignment; for some pupils, the target is to reach Age Related Expectations at SATs or achieve a Grade 5 at GCSE.  For others, the aim is simply to boost their confidence, in the subject but also in themselves.

We have amassed a wealth of positive feedback, qualitative and quantitative, about the impact of our tuition from the schools we've worked with.  Please view our latest Impact Report above to see what school leaders are saying.

The Tutor Trust has also become an important new vehicle for high calibre graduates to enter the teaching profession, having already secured invaluable classroom experience through us.  For instance, one quarter of all 2016 Teach First recruits in Manchester were our tutors.

Randomised Control Trial, funded by Education Endowment Foundation

The gold standard of evidence of impact is a randomised control trial (RCT), and we are confident that Tutor Trust will stand up to this sort of independent scrutiny.  So, we are delighted that during the 2016/17 school year the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) is funding an RCT of our Year 6 Maths tuition.  This ambitious evaluation is an effectiveness study involving over 100 primary schools across Greater Manchester and Leeds.  The evaluation is being carried out by independent academics at the Universities of Durham and York.  These academics hope to identify a positive impact on KS2 SATs results from the Maths tuition. The report on the evaluation is due to be completed by March 2018.