Your role

We aim to make organising tuition as simple as possible for schools.  Our office team will take care of the logistics for you so that tuition runs smoothly.  As our main contact in school we will look to you to provide us with information about the pupils that will be receiving tuition; it is vital we receive this before the tuition can begin.

At the start of a new tuition assignment we will arrange an introductory meeting with yourself and the tutors.  This is an opportunity for you (or the class teacher) to discuss the needs of the individual pupils and introduce the tutors to the school.  The information that tutors will need to know before an assignment include:

  • Current and target grades for the students
  • Topics to cover during tuition
  • The school's behaviour and reward system
  • Who are the main points of contact and who is the lead for Safeguarding

To ensure that we can monitor our impact, it is important that we collect progress data from schools throughout the duration of the assignment (this data can be strictly anonymised).  Please ensure that you can provide this.

Flexible tuition for schools

We strongly believe that it is for schools, not The Tutor Trust, to determine the tuition needs of their students and to decide how and when these tuition needs should be met.  The Tutor Trust has a commitment to be guided by schools on this.  Based on our experience of what has worked before, some suggestions are below:


We can provide tutors for during the school day, for after school, breakfast clubs, at weekends or even during the holidays.

Number of tutors

The model of tuition that we have found to be most successful for large groups of pupils is when a small group of tutors (or even a single tutor) deliver several hours of tuition at a time.  In this model the same tutor may work at the school for 2 or 3 hours on any given day.  This helps to reduce the amount of administration for the school and enables our tutors to get to know your students and school better.

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