In our latest podcast episode, we hear from the educational psychologist Dr David Lamb on how to create a dynamic and engaging learning environment.

Vicky Sadler, our Deputy Director of Training and host of Tutorcast, interviews David to gain fresh insight into the psychological tools tutors can use to create a space where achievements are celebrated and pupils are in the mindset to succeed.

Vicky invited David onto the podcast after hearing him interviewed at the University of Manchester's Inclusion and Inspiration Education for Social Justice conference for trainee and early career teachers in January 2023. David discussed various approaches to building positive impactful relationships between educators and learners and the practical application of educational psychology in school settings.

In the podcast, we find out how David’s approaches work in the classroom and how they could be applied by tutors too.  In a wide-ranging interview, David talks about the psychological approach WOWW – Working On What Works – the importance of reflection and having solutions-focused conversations. He also talks about self-determination, intrinsic motivation and the need for ‘RAC’ (Relatedness, Autonomy and Competency) to be met for it to flourish – and much more!

We developed our Tutorcast podcast as another tool to support our tutors to deliver high-quality tutoring, and, like previous episodes, this is focused on how tutors can create an environment where pupils can develop confidence and succeed, David shares a series of powerful insights that are relevant to anyone teaching or tutoring young learners.

He says: “That time for reflection is so important. And whenever I'm doing any WOWW work in schools, I always say to the staff that the feedback only goes so far, the reflection and the discussion is the key bit because that brings it to life, and brings a greater understanding and a richness to the interactions that we're having.”

In this episode, we learn ways to foster positive interactions and student empowerment. Tune in to his exploration of the world of educational psychology and therapeutic practices, delving deep into the practical applications of these techniques within school settings. Uncover how these transformative methods not only empower tutors and teachers but also uplift students and enrich the entire teaching community.

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If you feel as passionately about creating educational equity as we do at Tutor Trust, please get in touch ([email protected]) to share your views and, who knows, you may be a guest on a future Tutorcast episode!