Eleanor Woods, teacher

A commitment to teaching

Eleanor's role as a tutor cemented her decision to study to become a teacher after graduating

It was a brilliant way to get more experience which helped for my Primary Education PGCE interview and has continued to help me whilst interviewing for primary teaching positions."
Eleanor Woods
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Eleanor Woods is a Year 2 primary school teacher, having realised her ambition of moving into a career in education after her degree.

Eleanor joined Tutor Trust in 2021 during her second year at the University of Liverpool. She was always focused on teaching as a career, and applied for the role of tutor knowing it would bring vital school insights and enable her to support young people needing an additional academic boost. She is currently undertaking a maternity cover, aiming to land a full-time role in September.

I thought it would be a great experience to understand how schools work and what the curriculum is like. The thought of helping young people gain confidence within schools was something I really liked about the charity. The hours fitted in perfectly around my lectures and meeting new teachers/schools was a big positive when thinking of my future career.”
Eleanor Woods, Teacher

In her first year as a tutor with us, Eleanor spent her time with one school, enabling her to build strong connections with the pupils and teaching staff.  She says that pupils relished the sessions, with positive feedback motivating Eleanor to make the sessions even more engaging and supportive.

After my 12-week tutoring sessions in one school came to an end, I was told that the pupils who had been in my sessions had made massive progress in their Maths. These pupils were taking their SATs in a few weeks and the school were extremely grateful for the extra support I was able to give their students. Their confidence in the subject had grown massively as well as their knowledge of how to answer the questions the correct way."
Eleanor Woods

Becoming a tutor only helped Eleanor cement her decision to teach.

I really enjoyed the nature of the work, meeting new pupils and schools, whilst feeling proud that I have made a different in some pupil’s lives. It was a brilliant way to get more experience which helped for my Primary Education PGCE interview and has continued to help me whilst interviewing for primary teaching positions. Lots of schools are happy to see the commitment to teaching, even before I became a teacher.”
Eleanor Woods
A male tutor wearing a burgundy jumper is sat tutoring a group of primary school-aged pupils wearing bright red school uniforms.

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