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Realising a lifelong ambition

Faisal Fazal never imagined he would one day realise his childhood dream of inspiring others in Maths

If one pupil decides to go into Maths as a career, that will be a result.”
Faisal Fazal, tutoring alongside a full-time role
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With a career spanning more than 25 years in data processing, Faisal Fazal never imagined he would be able to achieve his teenage dream of supporting other young people to develop the same passion he has for Maths.

Back then, despite having a brilliant Maths teacher, Faisal didn’t have the support network in place to enable him to go into teaching. He says that, had Tutor Trust existed when he was that teenager, things might have been very different.

If, 40 years ago, Prince’s Trust or Tutor Trust had existed, and they had come to my school, I would have taken a different career path. Someone just needed to say to me, if you want to teach, go for it. You should follow your heart, follow that career path. All that I needed was for someone to say to me, go on, do what you want to do.”
Faisal Fazal

Instead, Faisal studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bradford and has worked full-time since, most recently for a multi-national data processing company.  However, despite missing out on becoming a teacher after graduating, Faisal always supported his own children, nephews, and nieces with their studies as they were growing up.  Having done some volunteer mentoring with Prince’s Trust, and having had to stop during the pandemic, Faisal was looking for a new opportunity when he discovered Tutor Trust.  He had to read the advert multiple times because it seemed too good to be true, and there wasn’t any need for previous experience. 

He joined our tutor pool in November 2022, and is now making up for lost time. He is currently inspiring future mathematicians in Year 8 at Dixons Allerton Academy in Bradford, delivering the Maths Circles programme. We run this in conjunction with the charity Axiom Maths, and it aims stretch and challenge those with a talent for numbers to encourage them to study Maths at university.

He loves sharing his passion for the subject with others.  So much so, that he now uses his annual leave and flexible working to tutor with us. He enjoys lesson planning and spends time at the weekend to tailor each session to the needs and interests of his tutees. He says that he sees the experience with us as being like a volunteering opportunity and would do it even if he wasn’t being paid.

He remembers his own lack of self-confidence in his teens and is keen that his tutees don’t feel the same. 

I say to them, don’t say Maths is hard. I will make sure you understand it. If I can’t do that it’s my failing and I will find another way to explain it.”
Faisal Fazal

Knowing that his guidance may inspire a lifelong passion for mathematics fuels his commitment to the role.  He says: "If one pupil decides to go into Maths as a career, that will be a result.”

To those considering a tutoring role with Tutor Trust, his advice is simple: seize the opportunity to make a difference. Regardless of age or background, your passion for education can inspire and empower the next generation. 

Tutor Trust has been so supportive and helpful to me in letting me achieve my lifelong ambition. When you asked me how long I could tutor for, I said the next 15 years, or as long as you will have me!

“It’s not a term I normally use, but this is on my bucket list. It’s something I want to do.”
Faisal Fazal
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