Mark is an alumnus of Manchester University, where he also completed his Secondary PGCE.  After working in the music industry, he began his teaching career as a teacher of Modern Foreign Languages.  He has over 20 years of experience in teaching and senior leadership across Merseyside and Greater Manchester.  Mark also provides education consultancy services to senior leadership teams across the North West.

Mark joined Tutor Trust in 2019, and is now our Programme Director. In his role, Mark is responsible for driving and overseeing school relationships and tutoring delivery across the three regions of Greater Manchester, Merseyside, and West Yorkshire. Mark is a member of Tutor Trust’s Senior Management Team and enjoys his part in helping to set the strategic direction of the charity to support the life chances of young people in the North West.

He says: "I worked in schools facing significant challenges for the whole of my teaching career, most significantly striving to provide outcomes and opportunities for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.  As a result, Tutor Trust fits perfectly with my own values and commitment to securing the best life chances for those young people who might traditionally face barriers of circumstance and background.

"I love being part of a team that tirelessly and creatively seeks ways to reach more of these young people who need our and our tutors’ support. That process never ends."