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Wishing our Year 6 pupils SATs success!

It's the week of SATs exams, and we're thinking of our Year 6 tutees!


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As Year 6 pupils across the country spend this week focused on their SATs, we want to wish them all the best of luck!

We know young learners will have been working hard in school and at home, and we're sure their efforts will pay off. We also want to say thank you to our tutors who have been supporting pupils throughout the last year, delivering high-quality tutoring to help close the attainment gap following the disruption caused by the pandemic. Our dedicated team of tutors have worked with pupils to help them not only with their Reading and Maths, but also with their self-confidence and self-belief. And that carries over into all areas of their school lives.

At Whingate Primary School, Leeds, Carol Newton, Year 5 Leader, said that tutoring had huge benefits for the pupils:

Taking part in tuition with Tutor Trust has really improved our children's confidence. It's great for us to see how they bring their learning from the sessions into our lessons in the classroom.”
Carol Newton, Year 5 Leader, Whingate Primary School, Leeds

In the last year, we’ve worked with 72 primary school partners across Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire and Merseyside, to support Year 6 pupils improve their skills in Maths and Reading.

By delivering tuition in small groups, with between one and three pupils, tutors get to know their tutees well, enabling them to tailor the sessions to the individual child, working with their strengths to help their young learners succeed.

One of our long-term partner schools is St Bartholomew’s Primary School in Leeds. Deputy Headteacher David Needham leads the tuition programme at the school, and feels there is real synergy between the school’s ethos and that of Tutor Trust:

We can only speak glowingly about the work that has taken place with our pupils. The tutors are always welcoming and positive with the pupils and care about their academic attainment and progress. Pupils always enjoy the sessions and speak highly of their experiences.”
Deputy Headteacher David Needham, St Bartholomew’s Primary School in Leeds

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has tutored with us these past few years, and on behalf of all our tutors and everyone at Tutor Trust, we wish all Year 6 pupils the best of luck in their SATs!

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